Lazada GSS Sale 2017 – Surprise Boxes (and Discount Code)!

Here’s a good deal for you folks!

Lazada Singapore has engaged me for Lazada GSS Sale 2017 and it’s beginning really soon (1 more day! Tomorrow!).

It’s gonna be from 6 to 8 June, and the GSS Sale promises up to 90% OFF products and Flash Deals every 2 hours.

Lazada is great, honestly. I once got my OnePlus One at an unbelievable price there. I think it was about $470 for the more expensive 64gb one, after a pretty good 10% discount for using MasterCard. That was amazing and I’ve not stopped using Lazada since, even describing it to my friends as the Amazon of Singapore. So definitely do check it out, as I’m sure the sale will be great. I can’t wait for it myself.

Anyway, some of you might be wondering…

What is a Lazada Surprise Box?

It’s basically a box with a couple of items which, combined, are worth at least S$100.

What’s the price of the Box?

Just S$29! For items worth at least S$100, that’s already a 70% discount.

Why is it called a Surprise Box?

Because it’s a surprise! But, I’m here to tell you (some of) what’s inside one of the boxes because Lazada has sent me the Lazada x ProLink Gaming Box. If you want to know what’s in the other boxes, you can search online because a couple other fellow bloggers have also received Surprise Boxes from other companies collaborating with Lazada. There are tons of these boxes – Laneige, Nivea, Logitech, Neutrogena, Maybelline, Kinohimitsu, Philips Avent, Sennheiser, Eucerin, Blackmores, Nescafe, Prolink.

So what’s in this Box?

I got 3 items, as you can see:
First, there’s the first item, which I’m not going to show you because it’s a surprise 😉 (It’s the pixelated one in the picture above)

Then there is a gaming keyboard, the ProLink Borealis PKGM-9302, worth S$67.00 on Lazada.

You can switch between 3 colours, and the keys feel really responsive and nice.

And lastly there’s a gaming mouse which also lights up, the ProLink Furax PMG9002, worth S$29.90 on Lazada.

It actually segues between the different colours of the spectrum, but here are three of the colours it cycles through.

In total, these items are worth S$126.80, when you just have to pay about S$100 less than that.

Another thing… 18% Discount for New Customers

Here’s a discount voucher code you can use for your first purchase, regardless of what you buy: GSSSHIV18

You get the item at 18% off, capped at S$8, with no minimum spend required.

To simplify things for you, that means that you get 18% off any item below S$44.44. Beyond that, as 18% of S$44.44 is S$8, you won’t get any further discount using the code.

So yea, just head over to and make sure you use the code to get a good discount.

Last thing… Unboxing Contest!

Lazada has decided to hold a social media contest for the Surprise Boxes.

If you do buy any of the GSS Surprise Boxes, post a video of yourself unboxing it on social media and hashtag it with #lazadasurprises. If you’re chosen as a winner, you’ll get some attractive prizes.

That’s all I have for you today. Go have fun and get some good deals at!

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