First Look at the Bragi Dash

When was the last time you decided to keep packaging other than for warranty information?

Unboxing the Bragi Dash, I daresay, is a heavenly experience. Pull the box out of the wrapper and opening it up reveals a beautifully designed and simple to understand manual. Flip through a couple of pages coated with soft-touch material, and voila! The Bragi Dash in it’s charging case is presented to you – ready for use.

Here – flip through this gallery for the unboxing experience.

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But wait. Once you get past the exciting packaging, you pick up the Bragi Dash, only to realise you’d need to charge them according to the manual before you can use them. Bummer.

Once you charge it for an hour or two – it’s ready for use.

It comes with  the XS FitSleeve, but larger sleeves are in the box. I found XS quite comfortable for most ears, and a tad bit too big for younger users. Bragi could have served smaller ears better with smaller sleeve options. The XS FitSleeve itself is a little large for my dad (who has adult-sized ears), which causes the Dash to be uncomfortable in the ear for some.

The Bragi app is pretty sweet too. It’s intuitively designed, and its easy to access anything you might need to. Clicking on the left or right Dash gives you a quick user manual of how to interact with it. The app makes the initial pairing and connecting a lot easier. It also can read your heart-rate, and you can control everything from the volume to the audio transparency feature from the app.

Speaking of audio transparency, it’s a pretty cool feature I’ll tell you more about in the full review.

It’s been a week and I’ve been enjoying the Dash thoroughly. It’s battery lasted a 4 hour plane ride, and upon popping it back into the charging case for less than an hour, I was able to continue listening to music for another 3 hour drive without much hassle. The charging case seems to be one of the points Bragi has done right.

A sweet little touch that Bragi hasn’t done a good job of marketing, is that taking the right Dash out of year pauses the music. However, taking out the left one doesn’t, which is confusing. Is this a listed feature? Or is it the Dash thinking that the headphones aren’t in my ear anymore? I’ll find out and let you know in the full review.

Stay tuned for a in-depth review soon – I’ll be putting the Dash through its paces and testing its audio quality and fitness tracking capabilities thoroughly.

Let’s see how the “World’s First Hearable” holds up, especially in a world where Apple’s AirPods are going mainstream quickly.

The Dash retails for SGD428 and is now available for order via and is available at most leading audio and consumer electronics retail stores in Singapore.

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