The dual-booting Teclast Tbook 16 Power

Are you looking for a cheap alternative to the Surface Pro 4 or the iPad Pro that can handle some serious work? You should definitely consider Teclast’s Tbook 16 Power. No, really, it has some dual-OS tricks up its sleeve.

Teclast’s new tablet the Tbook 16 Power is now on a flash-sale at GearBest at a low price of $345. The Tbook 16 Power has a 11.6″ 1080p screen, multi position kickstand and keyboard, and some commendable internals.


It has an Atom X7 Z8750 with a maximum turbo-clock of 2.56GHz, Intel 405 graphics with 16 execution cores. It also sports a beefy 8GB of RAM.

Yet, the most exciting feature of all – the tablet can boot into either Windows 10 or Android, depending on your work/entertainment needs.

Substantial internals, dual-booting, and a seriously competitive price – the tablet offers all 3.

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