ZUS Smart Car Charger Review

Need an aesthetically-pleasing car charger? Consider ZUS for a change. The winner of the iF design award looks good and works well.


The smart car charger itself looks brilliant and modernistic. It has grooves that gives it a very robotic feel. With 2 curves on the side, it allows your to grip it nicely between your index and middle finger to plug it into your charging port.


The USB output on the side is also conveniently located to let you insert your cable there for fast charging.

When plugged in, the device gives off a nice light that lights up to indicate it’s working and it looks pretty awesome.


Your car isn’t a wall socket, so don’t be expect lightning or quick charge technology from your car chargers. The ZUS likewise, doesn’t give off incredulous charging speeds.

However, I felt it worked well enough. On average 1 minute of driving gives your 3,000 mAh smartphone battery a 1% charge. So if you use an iPhone it’s probably more than 1% considering the iPhone’s smaller battery size.

What’s interesting is perhaps the app that comes with the ZUS charger that allows you to locate your car, which is especially useful when you left in the carpark but forgot your lot number.


The ZUS smart car charger isn’t a super fast charging device, but it looks beautiful. If you want a car charger that blends well with your latest vehicle, the ZUS won’t disappoint.

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