Sudio Vasa Blå Bluetooth Earphones Review: Chic & Cheap


Recently, we received a pair of Sudio Vasa Blå Bluetooth earphones. Promising studio quality sound, elegant design and 8 plentiful hours of battery life, it is priced at (a rather cheap for wireless earphones) S$165 at their site, with free shipping to Singapore. That means it’s in the same price range as Sony’s SBH 80s. For this review, I have collaborated with Shikhar so that we could give a combined opinion on what is usually a thorny topic — sound quality.


Without further ado, let’s dive into our thoughts of this Swedish beauty that is worthy of being mistaken for a design from Cupertino’s hallowed grounds.



When I unboxed this beautiful pair, I noticed that Sudio seemed to have taken a page out of Apple’s book with regards to packaging. In the comfortably hefty white box that evokes a sense of minimalist elegance and class, lies the white cable with an earpiece on each end housed in a light, muted rose golden metal. Our model is the Rose Gold White model, but there are several other colours too.


One side of the cable houses the microphone and quick controls, which allows for changing the volume and toggling play/pause along with making calls. The other holds the battery and a covered micro-USB port for charging the earphones.

There is also a guarantee card, which is just a quality assurance card

A textured white leather case comes in the box for protecting your earphones too, and the whole package is rounded off with the standard earbuds of different sizes.

However, I feel that the silicon eartips are very slippery, and I do not feel they are secure in my ears, despite having chosen the right size. I do have a bias against silicon eartips though, so take my opinion with a pinch of salt. I always prefer foam eartips because they are comfortable and shape themselves to your ears.

The quick controls
The quick controls

Both of us also feel that the controls and battery hang weirdly, and the battery weighs it down such that the controls are brought upwards, making them hard to find on account of being so close to the ear. It’s more natural to find the controls nearer to the base of the neck, which is why the other Bluetooth pairs I have reviewed, such as the SBH 80s and the Jaybird X2, have been designed in such a way.

The battery with the charging flap opened
The battery with the charging flap opened

Secondly, the battery on the left shakes a lot, bouncing and creating a lot of cable noise that disrupts the music. The cable is also pretty short, and cannot be worn over the ears due to the controls and the battery being too close to the ears. In short it’s just awkward to wear over the ears.

In our opinion the design looks great and luxurious, but simply isn’t functional. It is nice to touch, with a soft rubber texture, and the earphones are light, at only 14g, which makes them pretty comfortable in the ears and reduce fatigue.

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