Freebies for Playstation Users as Playstation Plus Celebrates its 6th Anniversary

With Playstation Plus’ 6th Anniversary coming up, PS Plus users are going to get exclusive deals and freebies that include free PS Plus memberships and hot new titles.

Free PS Plus Memberships

If your PS Plus membership has just ran out, you are in luck, purchasing a PS Plus 12-month membership (SGD43.90) from the PlayStation®Store between the 1st of June to 14th of June, will get you a free 2-month membership extension!

Hot New Titles

PS Plus is also offering some epic titles for you to grab free-of-charge. These aren’t old titles nobody wants, but blockbusters we are scrambling for. They include;

NBA 2K16 (PS4)
LocoRoco – Midnight Carnival (PS Vita)
God of War: Ghost of Sparta (PS Vita)

Cool Contests

What’s more? If you follow the Playstation Asia fanpage, you can get the chance to win several attractive prizes by participating in their mini-contests!

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