Lenovo Ideapad Y700 Review


The trackpad of the laptop just isn’t very good, which is characteristic of Windows laptops. One’s finger doesn’t slide across it easily, and sometimes when using a second finger to click on something, it would zoom in or out instead. Thus, I avoided using it, sticking to the mouse as much as possible.

The battery life is decent, lasting around 5-7 hours when working, but only 1-2 hours when gaming because of the significant load. This is pretty normal, and it will take a long time before we can finally get laptops that can game for extended periods.

As a gaming laptop, one would expect dedicated Macro or auxiliary keys to assign shortcuts to. However, there are none at all, which is a little disappointing because they can really add a lot of value to a gaming laptop. Furthermore, the included software is mostly bloat with stuff like McAfee (which really sucks because it has a terrible user interface with incredibly big text and small window sizes making it really difficult to scroll through lists in it). The only good addition is Lenovo’s battery saving software, but I would have liked to see software made with gaming in mind, such as a built-in way to overclock the GPU/CPU, or record keystrokes, etc.

The Nvidia GeForce Experience software that shipped with the laptop was pretty outdated and could not update itself from within the app, which required me to go to the site to download the latest installer and manually update it. This should not be happening and mars the overall experience, but I’m not sure if it’s something Lenovo can control.

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