LaCie Porsche Portable Harddrive Review: Seagate’s Power, Porsche’s Design

If you are in the market for the fastest portable harddrive with a huge storage capacity, you might want to consider the LaCie Porsche Design Drives that have just came to Singapore. In case you didn’t know, Seagate has worked with Porsche to produce the next generation portable harddrives that are nothing short of impressive.


porsche design drive seagate 1

The LaCie design drives look literally like a block of silver, a very aesthetically pleasing block of silver. For a harddrive that can pack 2TB worth of storage, the drive isn’t huge at all. I wouldn’t call it the slimmest of them all like the Seagate Backup Plus Ultra-Slim, but it is still a fairly sleek drive that’s hard to contend with.

The polished beveled edges alongside a sandblasted finish gives it a unique design that is most definitely a crowd pleaser.

The material used to enclose this device is an all-aluminium case that makes it scratch resistant, light and helps with heat dissipation.


porsche design drive seagate 2

With the next-gen USB-C connector, the drive can be used to transfer files at lightning speed that most harddrives nowadays can match. Backups can also be performed fairly quickly thanks to the USB-C technology, so if you need a huge drive (2TB worth) to backup your files, the LaCie design drive would be your best bet.

Other Notable Functions

porsche design drive seagate 3

Since the drive is armed with USB 3.1 technology, it can also charge the batteries of some laptops if you connect your drive to a USB outlet from a wall-plug. I’m not sure why you wouldn’t just bring along your laptop charger along, but it’s probably because the wire for this drive is smaller.


This all-in-one LaCie Design Drive is a spectacular sight to behold. It has amazing capacity, a sleek design and fast transfer speeds. It is probably everything you wanted in a portable drive. The only downside might be the price at $195 for 2TB worth of storage. It’s not expensive for its incredible power, but it isn’t cheap in the portable drive market either.

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