Uncharted 4 Comes to Singapore: First Impressions

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End is the series’ latest installment. Produced by Naughty Dog, the game will be once again, a Playstation 4 exclusive title. This epic title will be released on May 10, 2016.



A fortune hunter never retires. Nathan Drake, Uncharted’s lead is back with his band of thieves to kickstart a new adventure. This time, his motivations go beyond that of fortune. One of the greatest adventure and exploration games out there, Uncharted brings you across the world to pursue a fabled pirate treasure. In this installment, Drake’s physical and mental tenacity will be pushed to the limits like never before. Will he do what it takes to save his loved ones?

Gameplay Impressions


Thanks to Sony, I was given the chance to have an exclusive preview of the Uncharted 4 gameplay and test out one mission myself.

How did it feel?

Pretty awesome. The “wide-linear” concept was fairly interesting. Think of it, similar to Halo. You have a huge world, but there’s ultimately an objective. Somehow, you will get there. If you start wandering in the wrong direction, your counterpart AIs will give you some hints and tips. It’s not an open world game, but the build, feel and exploration mechanics make it feel like one.

To be honest, it was rather confusing at first, I got lost quite a lot. However, I tend to fare poorly in navigation, both in reality and virtual reality. Getting lost, was not necessarily a bad thing. I actually stumbled upon hidden treasures, impressing fellow players “accidentally”.

It’s skills brah

The combat mechanics was pretty nice for a 3rd person shooter. The aim assistance was welcome, but it still took some skill.

You could have several options on how to take down your enemies, how to overcome the odds. If you love shooting stuff up, by all means, go all Rambo on your enemies, but you better have quick reflexes. If you are more of a stealth kind of person, then try “ninja-ing” your way through the game. It’s more difficult, but a lot more satisfying.

Marking your enemies was particularly fun as well. Considering you are usually outnumbered, it helps to know where your enemies are. That being said, your AIs are actually quite helpful and have decent shooting skills.

Overall Verdict

I haven’t seen enough to give a final conclusive opinion of Uncharted 4, but I am a huge fan of games with a great storyline. Uncharted 4, is most definitely one of them. Whilst Uncharted’s storyline is perhaps one of the best amongst adventure games, I still felt that gameplay mechanics could have been touched up a little. Don’t get me wrong, this is already a huge improvement from Uncharted 3, but if Uncharted 4 had destructible environments like Battlefield, it would take exploration to a whole new level.

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