Hands-on with the LG G5 in Singapore: First Look

Design and Display


While I felt it was rather uninspiring in pictures, it does look and feel much better in the hand. It has a metal design, that while is not a unibody, feels pretty complete in the hand. It is a bit slippery in the hand, but rather well contoured, so it’s not as big of a problem as we saw in the Xperia Z5 Premium.

The top of the device has a headphone jack, secondary microphone, and an IR blaster. The bottom has a microphone, speaker, and a micro-USB Type C port. While the power button is still at the rear, and now houses the fingerprint sensor, the volume buttons have been shifted back to the sides. The fingerprint sensor itself was pretty quick, and is a physical power button too, unlike the Nexus 5X and 6P.


In terms of the display, we’ve got a nice 5.3″ Quad-HD (QHD) IPS LCD, which in non-marketing terms is a 2560 x 1440 pixels resolution. Colours are tack sharp, and display brightness is strong enough to fight off the harsh afternoon sun.

Power Consumption
Or so LG claims

Surprisingly, LG has also gone ahead and included an always-on option in the device, which keeps the display on in low power, and allows you to check the time and notifications without having to lift a finger. This was a surprise, given that an LCD cannot truly have its pixels turned off like in AMOLED — while the latter’s blacks are literally pixels that have been switched off, LCDs have to generate blacks themselves. Nevertheless, LG maintains that the power draw is lower than AMOLED, at 0.8% per hour, compared to the latter’s 1% per hour.

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