LifeTrak Zone R420 Review: Stylish Tracker at an Affordable Price

The LifeTrak Zone R420 is a pretty stylish addition to LifeTrak’s series of smart watches and wearables. Thanks to our friends at Axtro Sports, we got a chance to get our hands on this neat little device to take it for a test drive.




Similar to the LifeTrak Brite, it showcases a round face and snap on clasp that gives it nothing short of a sporty look. It comes with a removeable rubber strap that works as a clasp. It has 2 notches for you to clip the watch together, providing a snug and secure grip, much better than the old LifeTrak Brite which fell off my wrist a couple of times.


The screen isn’t particular fancy. It has a retro digital watch appearance, but it actually stuffs a tonne of useful info into a small little screen. You can choose to either see just the time, or the time and date. The bottom status bar shows the sleep time, distance walked, calories burned, and steps taken.

If you are in the dark, double-tapping the round button in the middle shoots up a backlight so you can read the information on the screen.


Step/Distance Tracking:

Any fitness tracker has to be able to count steps. The LifeTrak R420 does this fairly accurately. It’s unique algorithm only starts counting steps once the user has taken quite a number of steps. This precautionary measure exists in place to prevent you swinging your arms around like a hooligan to count as steps. However, the drawback is that small steps taken around the house or the office often goes unnoticed. Hence, the step count on this device tends to be lower than the rest of the trackers I use.

Sleep Tracking: 

The R420 tracks sleep decently well. We love the fact that it’s automatic, but if you prefer manual mode, you can do so by double-tapping the bottom too. After some testing, we found that the number of hours slept was fairly accurate, but other than that, the watch doesn’t offer anything else like sleep quality etc that other wearables like the Fitbit and Jawbone does.

Heart-Rate Tracking:

This is where the R420 truly shines, even much more than it’s more expensive brother, the LifeTrak Brite. You can monitor your heart rate anytime by holding on to the middle button that shows you your current heart rate, which I found extremely accurate. It is truly ECG-accurate. I manually counted my heart beats and it was spot on. You can also choose a continuous method during  your workout by pairing it with a chest-strap tracker like the Wahoo TICKR X. This allows you to stay in your heart rate zone whenever you train.

Calories Burned:


Due to the fact that this device allows you to track your heart rate, the estimation of calories burned is alot more accurate than other trackers. It still gave me a calorie count higher than what I normally expend, but I could reduce this estimation number from within the app, by say 10%, a feature I found to be unique to LifeTrak.

Battery Life

Other than the Vivofit band from Garmin, I don’t think any wearable can last as long as the LifeTrak R420 and Brite. They run on a single cell battery that doesn’t need replacement for over a year, so you don’t need to charge it as often like a Fitbit or Striiv unit. However, replacing the battery once a year could be troublesome because you have to screw out the battery and replace it. Quite literally.

Water Resistance

Most fitness trackers are water-resistant, but this is waterproof, meaning you can take it swimming with no issues at all, something I found really important. For Singaporeans at least, because the waters of too many countries are just too freezing cold for you to dip in.


The LifeTrak R420, at only S$159, it’s one of the more affordable fitness trackers with heart-rate monitoring capabilities. It’s extreme endurance along with its info-dense winner makes this tracker an all-rounder. Although it doesn’t have 24/7 HR monitoring, it does a great job as both a normal activity tracker for the couch potato and the avid fitness addict.

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