LifeTrak Zone R420 Review: First Impressions

The LifeTrak R420 is the LifeTrak Brite’s more affordable cousin($159) that is nearly just as powerful. This powerhouse is feature-packed and is a powerful arsenal for both the Average Joe and the avid fitness addict.


Sporting a similar round face, the R420 is a stylish sport watch that is not just aesthetically pleasing but amazingly comfortable.

As with most fitness trackers, it tracks steps, distance, calories, sleep, and even heart rate. Here’s the breakdown of the Zone R420’s feature.

  • Patented ECG Accurate Heart Rate Monitoring

  • Heart Rate Analysis Via App

  • Sleep Tracking Capabilities

  • Intelligent Step and Distance Tracking

  • 7 Day Daily and Hourly Tracking Metrics

  • Water Resistant

  • No Recharging Necessary

What’s unique about the R420 is perhaps the fact that it can not only track your heart rate independently but also pair up with a continuous heart rate tracker like the Wahoo Tickr X to stream your heart rate during an intense session.

The difference between the Brite R450 and the Zone R420 is perhaps the fact that the R420 can pair with a heart rate tracker and the R450 can measure how much light you are exposed to.

In the next article, we will check out the R420 in detail and see what it is capable of.

Do let us know what you think about this latest tracker by LifeTrak and Axtro Sports.

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