OPPO F1 Review: Formula One Selfie Shooter

Battery Life and Conclusion

A 2500mAh battery is nothing to complain or boast about, but it’s most definitely sufficient for our daily usage. Enabling 4G throughout the day required the phone to be charged at least 1x a day, but that’s alright. We always have our portable chargers with us anyway.

The only thing we wished for the F1 was for it to support OPPOs new fast charging technology that promised 15min full charges. If the F1 could promise Formula 1 speed recharging, we would love it so much more.


The amazing metallic body the phone sports won’t make you believe it is only on sale for $429. The F1 isn’t very cheap, but it’s most definitely not expensive at all. For such an amazing camera and a decent processor, we recommend this phone to any avid selfie shooter. We would love to have had a Snapdragon 8 series processor and a higher resolution on this phone, but other than that, we don’t have much of a beef to pick with this phone.


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