Earin Review: The Most Epic In-Ear Earphones You Can Find (at a Price)


Recently, I received a pair of Earin Bluetooth earphones. You may realise that this is the same pair that was on Kickstarter a few years ago, and it promises a totally wire-free experience that no other pair of Bluetooth earphones can offer.


Retailing at $350 from truewireless.sg, the Earins are really small and light, at 3.5 grams each earpiece. As a result, they are very comfortable on the ears and I can barely feel them inside my ears. The lack of the connecting wire between the two earpieces (which all other Bluetooth earphones have, in some or other form) allows for a more comfortable experience in which one can forget one is using any earphones at all.

The fitting of the earpieces is spectacular because of its small size allowing the tip to be firmly in the ear, and with the provided Comply foam eartips, the seal created by the earbuds is truly amazing. Thus, noise isolation is top notch, and I have zero complaints about that. Because there are no wires at all, there is no wire-rustling noise at all, so the noise isolation is absolute, unlike any other pair of earphones which would at best have minimal rustling noise. It’s something that I am very impressed by, because with no rustling, and amazing sound isolation, you can hear all your music perfectly, even at a volume level lower than your usual (which is also better for the ears).

I feel that the amount of rustling noise is not given enough weight by most reviewers, and most people have learnt to ignore it, but when you’ve tried listening to music without any rustling noise, it’s really something totally different and out of this world. I really cannot emphasise how amazing this is. I love it, and it works really well for exercising which usually causes significant rustling noises due to the concomitant movement of the wire, but which doesn’t cause the same effect for the Earins for obvious reasons.

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