Video Games Could Help Kids Lose Weight

Video games are healthy, they will help your kids lose weight, if done correctly.

Louisiana researchers bought Xboxes, and asked kids to play active video games that required movement for an hour, 3 nights a week. After 6 months, they’ll take note of his biometrics such as weight, blood pressure and cholesterol. To support this endeavour, these kids will play video games with their family members. The current experiment is just over and researchers are about to measure the metrics and check back soon, however, scientific data is looking hopeful.

The Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine revealed that energy expenditure rose by 150% when kids engaged in games such as “Dance Central” and 263% when they did “Kinetic Sports Boxing”, way more than their resting values.

A couple of years back, researchers from Pennington conducted their game experiment using 41 overweight girls between 14 -18 years old. These games improved bone density, decreased body fat and raised their self-confidence.

It is obvious that active video games cannot single-handedly cause or induce weight loss, but in conjunction with a more active lifestyle and a healthy diet, it looks to be a promising aid in reducing childhood obesity. After all, video games are well-loved by kids aren’t they?

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