An Exclusive Street Fighter V Interview with Tomoaki Ayano, Assistant Producer, Street Fighter

Can’t get enough of Street Fighter V in Singapore? Neither can we.

Last week, we were invited to Street Fighter’s launch event in Singapore sponsored by Sony Playstation where we got to spend an evening celebrating the best of Street Fighter. Fans also got the opportunity to challenge three professional players, Xian, Infiltration and Gackt from Team Razer to win some great prizes.


Sony also invited Tomoaki Ayano, the assistant producer of Street Fighter who came dressed as the character Chun Li. We managed to sit down and talk to him about the development of the game where he shared some interesting things.

When asked about Street Fighter V catering to new players, Ayano talked about the tutorial system at the beginning of the game which teaks new players on how to use simple attacks, activate V-Trigger, and use V-Skill. Ayano also talked about Survival Mode has one of the ways for players to practice.

Screenshot (19)

Speaking about the launch day server issues, Ayano explained that there were two main problems, the first one being login issues linked with server connection issues and Fighter IDs which he assures us would be fixed soon. The second thing was that there were a LOT of players coming it at once during the launch period, to the point where they were overwhelmed. He admits that the fix for this problem was so far taking a little longer than they had thought.

Nearing the end of the allocated interview time, one of the members from another press asked what shoes Ryu would wear. Whereby Ayano answered while laughing, “It wouldn’t matter what type of shoes Ryu would wear. Ryu loves training intensively and any shoes he gets as a gift would get worn out really fast.”

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