5 Must Try Tips to Make Any Photo Instagram Worthy

Want to get more likes on Instagram? Start with a great photo. Here are some great tips to make your Instagram photo an instant hit.

Be Yourself!

Don’t be pretentious. When you take photos, you need to showcase your own style and personality. Subscribers and followers want a personal touch on Instagram. They want to follow artists, not corporations. Let them see who you are, what small things make you smile. Put your heart and soul in it and your followers will notice.

Stage It Up

Les petits gâteaux pour deux amies.
Credits: @hungry_ceo

A perfect shot is planned, it doesn’t just happen spontaneously. Your favourite model doesn’t just happen to be jumping on the beach when no one is around. That slice of cake doesn’t happen to be sitting on a marbled table uneaten for no good reason. Most well-loved Instagram accounts that you follow spend an incredible amount of time moving subjects around to create the ideal shot. A simple clean blank backgrounds with de-cluttered areas are often the best way to go.

Simple Symmetry


If you aren’t a photo pro, just try shooting your photos leveled and straight. Still can’t do it, use a software or app like PicsArt ot Aviary to create a leveled one. Symmetrical photos gain more likes on Instagram.

Filter Wise

Don’t go #nofilter unless you are a serious pro. Instagram filters are great and they do a decent job in making photos shine. We covered the best filters you could use here, but there are so many more applications you could use out there. The best being VSCO Cam, Snapseed, PicFx and PicsArt.

The Perfect Ending


Do not be a snob and post some narcissistic comment. Instagram models might be able to get away with it, but our friends will probably unfollow us. Let the caption come from your heart, don’t think too much. Quote something or someone you love or just say what’s happening!

If you need a great camera you could check these rental services out and if you ever need a good professional shooter, the 7D Mark II is awesome. But of course, Instagram is meant to be used with phones so try out the Z3 if you want a great mobile shooter 🙂

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