Facebook vs Twitter: Social Media Face-Off

Is Facebook or Twitter Better?

Let’s take a look at some comparisons objectively!

Facebook vsTwitter

Summary Facebook is a social media site founded in Feb 2004. As of Sep 2013, Facebook has more than a billion active users. Most of which use Facebook from just a mobile phone. Twitter is an online social media site that specializes in microblogging services that allows users to send text-based messages of up to 140 characters, also called “tweets”.
Registration Needed Needed
Main People Mark Zuckerberg, Dustin Moskovitz Jack Dorsey, Evan Williams
Features Facebook includes countless of features that include, Friends, Fans, Wall, News Feed, Groups Fan Pages, Live Chat, Likes, Photos, Videos, Text, Links, Status, Pokes, Gifts, Polls, Apps, Games, Messaging, Classified section, upload and download options and many others Tweet, Retweet, Direct Message, Follow (Both People or Trending Topics), Links, Photos & Videos
Advertising Advertising comes in the form of banner ads, casual games, referral marketing and a fancy tool known as PowerEditor Advertising supported usually through promoted tweets
Uploading of Photos Yes Yes
Direct or Private Message Yes Yes
Instant Message Yes No
Launch Date Feb 4, 2004 Jul 6, 2006
Number of Active Users 1.59 Billion 305 Million
Founder Mark Zuckerberg Jack Dorsey
Posting of Updates Yes Yes
Apps and Games Yes No
HQ Location Menlo Park, California, United States San Francisco, California, United States
Users Show Approval Through Like, Share, Comment or Reply Either Retweet or Favourite
Sharing Yes Yes
Languages Availale 70 29
Number of employees 12,691 3,900
Reblogging Yes Yes
Follow Trendy Topics No Yes
Coded In C++, PHP, D JavaScript, Ruby, Scala, Java
Following People Yes Yes
Adding friends Yes No
Privacy settings Multiple layers of complexity Either public or private
Current estimated value $104 billion $10 billion
Post length Unlimited 140 characters
Edit posts Yes No

Which Should You Use

Facebook has lots of potential uses. It is usually used to help you stay connected to, or reconnect with your friends you actually know in real life. You can maintaining a personal profile and post relevant messages on your buddy’s  “wall,” upload photo albums and videos of your latest travel adventures, share links you resonate with, write long descriptive notes, send private messages to friends, video chat, and even play silly games.

Twitter only lets users post 140 character messages and see what other users are tweeting. It is mostly used to “talk” or “rant” to other individuals with similar interests. It doesn’t matter whether you know each other off Twitter. It is also popular to follow updates from celebrities to catch the latest gossips.

I mostly use Facebook, partially because I can’t be bothered following the muses of celebs or reading rants from others, but to each his own I guess.


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