iPhone vs Android: Is the iPhone Really More Secure?

Don’t bother searching forums about this, the answer is never conclusive. So let us break it down for you here at Twenty First Tech.

If you want an answer straight up, here it is. The iPhone is indeed more secure than the Android operating system. But here are some reasons why.

Users and security experts alike back the claim that the iPhone is more secure because it’s the most reliable when it comes to protecting your data and evading viruses. The feature that most prominently protects your data is the “Erase Data” function. that cleans the phone of all data after 10 failed passcode tries. This is almost unseen in the rest of the tech market.

To show you how powerful Apple’s encryption is, we are sure most of you heard that the FBI got a US court to order Apple to unlock the iPhone belonging to the San Bernardino gunman. The FBI wanted to inspect and dig into Farook’s phone to gain information about his alleged actions and activities, which prompted the mass killings in that he  and his wife Tashfeen Malik went on in 2015.

They say that if the FBI wouldn’t need a court order if it could easily crack the iPhone (like any other Android phone). Well, it is a valid point.

Strangely enough, a survey conducted by OnePulse, a London startup among iPhone users showed that close to 50% if these users think Android phones are “more advanced” than iPhones.

The results were more than surprising considering the iPhone’s popularity. Apple sold 74.78 million iPhones just within the first quarter 2016 and is ranked as the No. 1 tech brand on Facebook, with more than 400 mil users showing an interest.

Actually, the Erase Data feature can be added to Android and Windows phones too, but it is incredibly complicated to do so. On the Android smartphone, you need to have “device administrator permission,” whereas the users are needed to get a special application and do some more steps. The general populace isn’t familiar with these steps so it is difficult to implement for most users.

Apple enabled default encryption on its iPhones since the 3G era and Android has started to offer this function recently. Windows phones however, still lag behind in this aspect. For the Android, full disk encryption has been made compulsory although older OS have not had this function installed.

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