Best Instagram Filters Proven By Science

If you are struggling to find out the best filters to use for you next #selfie or #foodporn, here’s a good article for you.

Scientists at Georgia Tech and Yahoo Labs have came together and researched 7.6 million photos from Flickr and Instagram to give you the scientifically-proven and evidenced-backed answer to the question: Which is the best Instagram filter?

Well, it doesn’t come as much of a surprise that filtered photos gain much more attention and engagement than unfiltered ones. The filters that turn up warmth, exposure, and contrast raised engagement more than the rest.


By how much?

Choosing the “right” filter, can increase your photo’s opportunity to be seen by 21%, and the amount of comments by 45%.


The psychological aspect of this shows that warm shades like red and yellow can cause feelings of arousal and happiness. Saturation however, is a big no-no. The researchers concluded that filters raising saturation actually decreases engagement, don’t be such a try-hard.

The Best?

  • Mayfair
  • Rise
  • Valencia
  • Hefe
  • Nashville

These are your best bet to optimally increase your likes, comments and obviously reach. Due to the popularity of these filters, Lark, Slumber, and Aden, have been added awhile back. Some over-saturated filters like Lo-Fi and X-Pro II, are probably not ideal. Amaro, Hudson, and Walden also don’t do well because well, people just don’t like a bluish tint.

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