These tips will make you rich on Carousell

Nobody buys stuff from you on Carousell? Not sure how to make your first sale? Fret not. Twenty First Tech is here to save the day. These simple tips and tricks could just help you dominate the marketplace.

1. First Impressions Count

Don’t take grab a picture off the internet. It might look good, but it says very little about YOUR product and how legit it is. Since most stuff being sold on Carousell is either second hand, the buyer will want to have a look at what he or she is actually purchasing.

Choose a good backdrop for your item. A plain background with minimal distractions should be ideal. Don’t show your messy bedroom in the background, it might serve to discredit you as a seller. Plain backgrounds, well-lit shots and nicely ironed clothes(if that’s what you are selling) display professionalism and instil trust.

2. Be as Detailed as Possible


Don’t just say iPhone. Tell us the model, when it was bought, whether there is a receipt, what the condition is and why you are letting it go.
If you are selling something more complex and people don’t understand what it is, say a fitness tracker like the Striiv Fusion Bio, tell us what it does and what some of the features are. That helps make people know what they are buying, reduce doubts and increase the chance of a sale.

3. Build a Reputation


Don’t lie, be honest. If the item is in bad condition, don’t hide. Say it. Having people leave negative comments on your profile will severely discredit you online. With negative reviews on your profile, it will be incredibly difficult for you to get new sales.

Secondly, get customers to leave you some good feedback, this reassuring sign will encourage new buyers to take that leap of faith to make their first purchase from you.

4. The Price is Right

Don’t ask for an absurd price. Check out what your competitors are asking for online, then set a price slightly lower than theirs. A few dollars less could earn you many more transactions, and in the long run, higher profits. Of course, do bear in mind that we are Singaporeans. Expect buyers to haggle a little and be prepared to give a compromise. So if you are selling your iPhone for $1000, be prepared to let it go for about $950.

Try these tips out to let us know if they work for you! If they do, like us on Facebook for more great posts!



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