How Facebook decides what is in your news feed

How does Facebook decide what to put up on your Facebook News Feed? Simple, it decides what you like, what’s trending and then use a combination of your favourite friends, pages and searches to determine what you see ON your News Feed each time you sign in.

What does it take into account? Just in case some of you don’t know, Facebook doesn’t show you news in chronological order (by time). It shows you things in your “Trending” side bar the way it displays news in your feed. By smart and complex algorithms.

  • Where you live
  • What Pages you follow
  • What topics or ideas are being talked about ALOT
  • What topics are getting and incredible spike in number of mentions

These conditions have to work in concert. For instance, Kim Jong Il is mentioned incredibly often on Facebook, so the number of people talking about him is always insanely high. That says nothing about whether he or she is trending (we know he’s always trending though). What Facebook does it actually looks for a huge increzse in mentions compared to the normal talk around Kim Things that get viral aren’t just the most talked about  people or topics. They have to be somewhat related to an central idea or topic.


The Facebook Twitter Difference

Facebook decides what is “trending” but “twitter” decides what is “breaking”. The difference lies in the fact that Facebook algorithms decide what people are talking about. It doesn’t have to be the latest news, but it is what peoplea are interested in. Twitter specialises in latest news that are shocking and time-sensitive, that’s how news spreads extremely fast on twitter.

Facebook doesn’t have a flawless system, that’s why you see weird stuff you don’t care about showing up on your feed, but still, it’s an impressive system.

Just FYI, just because you follow Kim Jong Il, doesn’t mean his posts get shown on your feed. It is not buried from other posts, it just doesn’t exist in your feed at all. Want to know why? Shoot us a comment or a Facebook query 🙂


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