Cheapest video games this CNY by

Just collected your Ang Pow? Want to spend some of that “hard-earned” money on the latest games like Battleborn, Dark Souls 3, Far Cry Primal and so on? Don’t buy from traditional retailers or even Steam for that matter. If you are a Singaporean, you might want to check out some of the latest deals from



By offering only digital codes with no hardcopies of the CDs, Cdkeyplus is able to cut costs and hence slash prices for consumers in Singapore. We are probably getting Tom Clancy’s The Division ourselves with some Ang Pow money. What about you?


Name Of Game Festive price Original price Discount
Battleborn $56.77 $84.90 33%
Dark Souls 3 $46.82 $85 45%
Far Cry Primal $49.00 $74.90 35%
Tom Clancy’s The Division $48.00 $74.90 36%

Gamers looking to catch up on the blockbusters they may have missed recently are also in for a treat:


Name Of Game Festive price Original price Discount
Batman Arkham Knight Premium Ed. $27.44 $85 68%
Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege $40.00 $74.90 47%
Pro-evolution Soccer 2016 $41.00 $75 45%
Witcher 3: Wild Hunt $43.00 $74.90 43%
Fallout 4 $49.90 $79 37%

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