All you need to know about the iPhone 6C

Want a new phone soon, but feeling the pinch of the wallet? Had your eye on the upcoming iPhone 7 but can’t bring yourself to cough up all that money for it? Well, have no fear — the iPhone 6C will be here (soon)! 

Go to the Apple website now and you’ll see three generations of iPhone models on offer – the 5S, 66 Plus, and the 6S & 6S Plus. The former was released way back in 2013 – that’s practically the Jurassic era when you’re talking about smartphones. Many who are looking for an upgrade from their 5C are a bit hesitant to purchase the 5S. It is, after all, only one generation newer. These people are holding out on the hope that come September 2016, Apple will release the next iteration in their ‘affordable’ line-up of iPhones in the form of the 6C.

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These hopes were dealt a considerable blow when the 5C was removed from the Apple catalogue, making the 5S the cheapest iPhone you could buy first-hand. However, with the ageing internals and the still-popular 4″ display size, Apple might be forced to reconsider their decision of axing the “C” line. Rumours are rife regarding what this model could be called — iPhone 6C, Mini, 5E, and 5SE (5SE meaning 5 Special Edition, or 5S Enhanced) are all popular names being bandied around.

Unfortunately, there’s little hard evidence to go by on this far before the annual iPhone announcement keynote. So here’s some of the top rumours we think have the highest possibility of being right.



In terms of design, it’s hard to be sure if the 6C will follow the 5C in its bright, plastic body or will take after the aluminium construction of the 5S. While it may certainly get some goodies from the newer iPhones like TouchID, don’t expect to see new technology like 3D Touch there.



Forbes (and others) have reported that the iPhone 6C may have a “2.5D” display, with curved edges, that improves the tactile sensitivity of finger swipes, similar to that found on the iPhone 6 and 6S. Apple uses LED backlit LCD technology for the current iPhones’ Retina displays, and there has been speculation that Apple will eventually switch to OLED displays, but not until 2018. However it’s almost certain that we’re going to be seeing the OLED displays debut in the full-fledged iPhone 7 before the “C” variant.

Internal Specifications


Going by what Apple did with the 5C by using the A6 processor found in the 5, it’s safe to say that we’re not going to be seeing the iPhone 6C and 7 share the same A10 but instead the A9 or even A8 chip (found in the 6S and 6 respectively). This upgrade, together with 2GB of RAM (information from another rumour), would allow the 6C to pack the same punch as the iPhone 6S. Sources embedded within the Asian supply chain have also predicted that the iPhone 6C will have a 1,642 mAh battery — slightly larger than the 1,570 mAh model featured in the iPhone 5S.

We also might see NFC technology being included in the 6C in a bid from Apple to entice users into the world of Apple Pay.

In terms of the camera, expect to see the same 8MP sensor continue on as was seen in 6S, but definitely without the Optical Image Stabilisation (OIS) we have seen in the 6 Plus/6S Plus.

Storage options are also likely to follow the 6 or 6S convention, with capacity starting from 16GB and going up to 32 or perhaps even 64GB as the upper bound.

Release Date

There are various claims floating around on when the 6C will be released. Some are claiming an odd date of March 2016 — that’s next month — but the fact that this would clash with the Apple Watch anniversary puts the veracity of the leak into question. A more sensible date seems to be together with the iPhone 7, that is in September this year. This is also the belief of Gene Muster from Apple Insider, who’s been in this business for a long time.


The Mi4i
The Mi4i

Don’t be fooled by the “C for Cheap” moniker Apple attaches to this line of iPhone. The affordability is only in relation to other iPhones. Don’t expect to see a price of $400 off-contract to compete with Xiaomi’s Mi4i or Asus’ Zenfones. A price of $600 to $700 will be expected at the very least, which would be about a $400 price drop from the full-fledged iPhone 7.

So what do you think of how the iPhone 6C will look like? Will this be your next phone?

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