Broken iPhone? No matter, just trade it in!

Previously if you busted up your iPhone, there was really no way you were going to be eligible for a trade-in. Apple has, until now, been pretty strict on that policy. But that’s changed. You can now hand it over to Apple for “store credit” towards a new iPhone.

Apple has had the Reuse and Recycle iPhone trade-in program active for a long time, offering store credit for trading in your older iPhone models. However the catch was that it had to be in pristine condition. On Friday, though, an Apple spokesperson revealed that this policy would be abolished and that Apple will accept damaged iPhones as well.

This change to the policy will come as a relief to the clumsy amongst us who have dropped and scratched their iPhones countless times, and are now looking for an upgrade. On the business side, it makes sense for Apple to abolish their draconian policy as it will entice consumers to upgrade their phones, rather than keep the old ones going via repairs from third-party shops.

Don't expect to be getting even a penny for this severe damage, though
Don’t expect to be getting even a penny for such severe damage, though

The new program applies to the following iPhone models – the 5S, 6 and 6 Plus. It is also limited to devices that are brought into Apple’s retail stores, the first of which will open here in Singapore soon, which means it will be a while until we can enjoy the program’s benefits here. It also does not apply to online trade-ins.

While trade-in values are not known for certain, and also depend on the extent of damage, an unnamed source revealed to 9to5Mac $50 for an iPhone 5s, $150 for an iPhone 6 and $200 for an iPhone 6 Plus (in US$).

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