Spotify vs Apple Music: Choose your stream

Spotify and Apple Music are arguable the best music streaming services available right now.

Spotify has been around for ages and has established a solid reputation as a the go-to music player today. With 20 million subscribed users and another 55 million free listeners tuned in, Spotify is the current king of all music streaming services

Apple Music that was launched recently isn’t exclusive to just iPhone, iPad or Mac users. Android and Windows users alike can tap in too. Despite being a newcomer, Apple Music has the backing of tech giant Apple with near infinite fundings and resources to take Spotify head-on.

Will Apple Music be able to kick the incumbent off its horse and emerge victorious? Let’s take an objective look

Song Library


Both Spotify and Apple music has over 30 millions songs on their playlists. There isn’t much of a difference there. Apple Music has more Taylor Swift songs than Spotify, if that’s what you are looking for. Other than that, both libraries are extremely comprehensive and there isn’t much to debate about.


Spotify has a unique radio feature that selects songs for you based on your preferences, this smart selection takes into account the genre, artist and song you like to devise the ultimate playlist for you.

Apple Music on the other hand, is featuring actual “Radio” in the traditional sense to give you live music and awesome commentary 24/7, that means you get live feed all the time and are constantly connected. This means no skipping of tracks, duh. How can you ask Drake to “Play Next”?

Personally, I feel the immense need to skip songs I dislike, so Spotify is my weapon of choice here.



The paid price plans are comparable for both Spotify and Apple Music, at both $9.99 each.

Spotify offers 1 month trial whilst Apple Music offers a 3 month trial.

However, Spotify allows you to continue using the “free” function with ads on computer and tablet, limiting your mobile experience to a pretty useless shuffle only.

Apple Music on the other hand, cuts you off cold turkey.

Music Discovery


Spotify uses automated algorithms to search out new tracks it thinks you will like and Apple Music on the other hand claims to use real humans to sift out ever evolving tracks for you,

Apple Music seems superior in this area, as your new music discovery tab keeps filling up with a dynamic evolution of songs, Spotify’s discover and playlists, tend to be rather stagnant. Sorry Spotify, it gets old at times.

Social Life

Spotify’s social features aren’t too spectacular. It’s good, don’t get us wrong, but not superb. Following artists, friends and organisations are easy. You can see their playlists and even beats they are rocking. But there isn’t a messaging function.

Apple Music has planned out Connect, artists can showcase exclusive photos, videos, and behind-the-scenes content. Fans across the globe can comment, favourite and share these things. If you like that stuff!


Everyone wants to let others know “what’s up”. If you can’t ask your friends “have you heard this song”, that would suck.

Spotify is superb in this aspect. Like a song, artist, album or playlist, post it up on Facebook, Twitter or even your Tumblr feeds. Not such a public person, share them with individual friends through Facebook, text message(who does that), e-mail, WhatsApp or Google Hangouts. EVERYTHING IS AWESOME….

Apple Music is a miser. Sorry. All it offers is just share…artist, or send song to a friend. It’s alright, but the sharing system if far from robust.

User Interface

If this were Star Wars, Spotify would be the dark side and Apple would be the light.

Spotify offers a dark themed player, that is highly functional, its easy to navigate, really, child’s play, we love the 3 dot function that lets you do a multitude of things on Spotify, it’s all there.

Apple Music is beautiful, but that’s all. This pretty UI is rather complicated and weird to navigate to be honest. Whilst listening to music, you cannot create a new playlist ont the go and accessing a particular singer’s page is not very intuitive, not even clicking on the name brings you there. This pretty disjointed UI of Apple isn’t something we appreciate much.


Well, we would say that Spotify and Apple Music don’t differ by a huge deal. It really boils down to personal preference in the end, but we still like the ol’ Spotify. Why? It’s intuitive UI makes it’s user experience nothing but a pleasure to deal with. The freemium shuffle on mobile is annoying, but it’s better than not having anything. Spotify is awesome, we can’t live without the premium service, even it it means sapping $10 out of our wallets each month.

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