Dad gets charged for confiscating daughter’s iPhone

In a court case lasting 3 years, Ronald Jackson has been battling the Police over a theft charge, for confiscating his daughter’s iPhone 4.

iPhone 6s - 3D Touch - Apple-16

Being a parent, isn’t easy nowadays. You have got to be loving and strict. You have to be a teacher, mentor, spy and at times, even thief?

Teenagers and kids nowadays, are obsessed with their mobile phones. Using them for communication and work-related purposes are one thing, but to be on them 24/7, neglecting your homework, loved ones and any resemblance of a normal social life isn’t doing you any good. What can parents and teachers do about it? Can they scold their kids, discipline them or take away “their precious”?

With such strict rules protecting the “rights” of people nowadays, it’s hard for parents to do anything, we mean…anything. Scolding your kid could be detrimental to their psychological well-being. Disciplining them using physical methods is known as abuse. Confiscating their phones now…is theft.

What should parents do nowadays?

Fortunately for Ronald Jackson, he was just acquitted of these ridiculous charges. He intends to file charges against the State Police. Are you on his side?

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