Boy kicked out of school for his DNA

Parents of the 11 year old boy, Colman Chadam was asked to bid his friends farewell, in Palo Alto, California.


His parents claimed that the school was kicking him out because he had the genetic markers for Cystic Fibrosis, a genetic disease. They claimed that a teacher had leaked confidential information to other parents, leading to the requests by many parents to remove Chadam from school. They claim Chadam is a “health risk” to the other kids in school.

The Issue

We don’t think anybody should be discriminated against on the basis of congenital diseases, or any disease for that matter. It just isn’t right to tell an employee, I’m fining you, because you were born unwell. Ridiculous isn’t it?

A Case for Legal Action

Apparently, Chadam’s parents have gained the support of many attorneys in the US to overthrow this ridiculous ruling and we hope they succeed. For all our sakes.

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