How companies are guilt-tripping you into giving them your email

Guilt and Shame. Those are the 2 new techniques that have gone viral when web designers build their sites to get your attention.

In this world of insecurity, most of us, well, we feel pretty unconfident of ourselves. Sometimes, we feel as if we aren’t good enough, as if people were always judging us. Scrolling through Instagram to look at pictures of amazing food, beautiful girls and hunky men all serves to feed our deep-seated insecurities.

Since we are feeling pretty shitty most of the time, and even more so on the Internet, web designers are capitalising on such fears to get your email, to subscribe to their email lists.

Here are some great examples.

I’m Not Interested in Protecting My Skin


I Want To Pay The Full Price


I’m Not Interested in Affordable Beauty Products


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