Tofu Hunter: A hilarious parody of Deer Hunter

Tofu Hunter,  is one of the weirdest games in the App Store right now. Other than its ridiculous name, it is actually incredibly funny. It takes inspiration from Deer Hunter, and makes a joke out of it.

Aim down your drigger, slay that Tofu Dog

How to Play

Slide across your device’s screen, shoot by hitting a button on the lower right-hand side. Need to aim down sight? Double-tap outs of the shooting space to zoom. Simple stuff.


There are surprisingly lots of objectives like destroying cute tofu animals, subduing some softies, and ignoring even cuter ones or else you might get an “immediate failure”.


Yeah, a shoot em’ up is awesome of course. But shooting and tofu is even more funny and hilarious. There isn’t any offensive material or gore, just pure funny shooting, some missions even act as some serious test of your reflexes.


The only annoying part? This ridiculous energy system that stops you from playing and blasting tofus that take incredibly long to recharge and you have to actually pay for it. With cash.

It is fun, but I think I would spend the money buying real tofu and eating it.

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