Apple wants to read your mind

Apple’s latest acquisitions of 2 Artificial intelligence (AI) firms, Perceptio and Vocal IQ symbolises it’s venture to start reading your mind, or rather emotions.

Wall Street Journal confirmed that Apple has took over other start-ups like Emotient as well. This company uses AI technology to analyse facial expressions and in so doing, understand how you are feeling.


If Apple really ventures into this field, exciting would be an understatement. An idea the guys at The Verge had was using Emotient’s technology to use the search function on the Photos app so that Siri can analyse all your photos and perhaps group them based on how happy or sad the people are inside. Kudos Team Verge!

Perceptio would allow Apple to integrate advanced AI systems on smartphones without burning through your precious data due to its backend technologies.

VocalIQ, that specialises in linguistics could go a long way in improving Siri’s speech recognition.

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What do you think about Apple’s new venture? Let us know whether you want your iPhone to read your mind.

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