Up to 9 months of free Netflix for re-contracting Singtel Users

Telcos are always looking for new ways to compete. Recently, Singtel made an announcement to partner up with Netflix to reach out to a larger audience in it’s video streaming endeavours.


Signing up for Singtel’s mobile or internet plans between 22nd Jan and 22 July will give consumers up to 9 months worth of complimentary Netflix subscription.

Normally, Netflix requires users to pay a monthly fee of $11 and $17 a month should they wish to stream movies and television series online. This popular service was just made available to Singaporeans a week ago and has been met with much excitement and chatter.

What Singtel Offers

  • Recontract Only For a Mobile Subscription
    • 3 Month Free Subscription
  • Recontract Only For Internet & Television Bundle
    • 6 Month Free Subscription
  • Recontract/Sign Up  for Both of the Above
    • 9 Month Free Subscription
  • All of the following are applicable to existing and new Netflix accounts

Netflix users can now use its services through multiple platforms and gadgets. These include computers, PlayStation 4, Xbox and Apple TV that are linked to televisions. It is also available on mobile gadgets like smartphones and tablets to stream videos on the go.

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