Striiv Fusion Bio Review – Great Smartwatch and Sleep Monitor

The Striiv Fusion Bio, is the latest gadget by Striiv, distributed by Axtrosports here in Singapore. This tracking device monitors your heart rate, sleep, steps, calories burned and distance. It acts a smartwatch simultaneously and can sync wirelessly to your smartphone or tablet. How does this wearable fare? Pretty decently.



Striiv’s activity trackers often don’t look too different from one another. It is a very simplistic tracker with interchangeable straps. It’s simplicity leads to it’s feather weight. However, at the same time, it also gives it a very plasticky and “cheap” feel. Note that it just feels cheap, but it actually looks glossy and  sleek.


It comes with a touch screen with several functions on it, allowing you to click on the screen and swipe around with ease. Swiping around lets you see metrics such as steps taken, distance travelled, calories burnt and hours slept.

The buttons on the touch screen allow you to check your current heart rate, smartphone notifications and even control your music on your phone.


I like the Striiv Fusion Bio, but the one thing I dislike about it is the clasp. It is sturdy no doubt, but really hard to put on. You have to click it and weave it through a secure loop. This makes it almost impossible to come off, which is great considering activity trackers like the Fitbit Flex tend to drop off mid-exercise, but it’s rather troublesome. How troublesome? To the extent that there is an FAQ on how to put on the strap.


Nonetheless, the Striiv Fusion Bio presents a sleek and light look that can go with any sporty or formal attire for you to look smart at all times.


Heart Rate Tracking


This is what separates the Striiv Fusion Bio from the other Striiv trackers. The Striiv Fusion Bio uses optical heart rate monitoring to measure your heart rate 24/7. However, this is only used to determine your resting heart rate based on averages and not really the calories burned, which is a major bummer. Nevertheless, tracking your average resting heart rate can be a useful metric because it is a representation of your general health level/ A resting heart rate below 70bpm in general is great. Anything above 90, it’s probably time to do some cardio or get a checkup.

Of course, you can check your heart rate at any time by tapping the heart rate button on the touch screen. That will give you your current heart rate as well, which is something fun to play with and to check when you are doing your cardio!

Step Tracking  & Distance Travelled


All fitness trackers can do this, but the Striiv Fusion’s step counting capabilities come in a little low compared to the rest. It is more conservative and due to its algorithm it actually ensures you don’t count random flailing of your hands in the air as steps, something other trackers can’t seem to understand.

Your distance travelled isn’t measured by GPS but estimated by steps and your stride length is derived automatically based on your height which is pretty smart. How accurate is this? Surprisingly accurate. Using my phone’s GPS. I clocked 3.7km on the GPS tracker and 3.6km on the Striiv, just a negligible 100m difference.

Sleep Tracking


Unforunately, this is wear the Striiv pales in comparison to its competitors like the  Fitbit. Sleep tracking has to be activated manually and disabled manually as well (or waked up automatically by clocking 200 steps). The only thing being recorded is duration slept, nothing on sleep quality, which was disappointing.

Smartphone Notifications


This is the best part of the Striiv Fusion Bio honestly. If I’m lazy to check WhatsApp, I can just swipe my screen on the Fusion Bio to read my messages (short ones that is) and it is awfully convenient, a total boon for me. You can set it up from within the app!

Music Control

My second favourite part of the Striiv Fusion is the ability to control your music playback from your device. Nobody wants to take out their phone to skip a silly track they dislike. The Striiv lets you switch tracks with a simple tap on the screen which is fantastic.
Smart Alerts
I have never been a fan of waking up to alarm clocks that blare non-stop, shocking my way to a bad and stressful start of the day. Fortunately the Fusion Bio offers vibration alarms that can be set to be activated at different times in different days. This doesn’t just wake you up smoothly, it helps if you have a partner in bed who wants to stay asleep just a little longer.



The Striiv app is very simplistic, but I didn’t use it at all. The only time to use the app was to input y0ur key metrics such as height, weight and gender because other than that, your Striiv pretty much displays everything you need on your wrist unit!

Battery Life

In my experience, the Striiv Fusion Bio has a stamina of around 5 days, or even slightly longer if you don’t set smartwatch notifications (those vibrations) do sap some battery life.
If it runs out of battery, just plug it into the charging cradle that can be fixed to any USB port charger or even your computer. Charging is extremely fast, I never had to leave it in for more than 45 minutes to get a full charge.


The Striiv Fusion Bio is a lovely fitness tracker that is simplistic, yet comprehensive. To call it an amazing blend of a fitness device and a Smartwatch wouldn’t be an overstatement. If you are looking for a wearable that light, versatile and functional, the Striiv Fusion Bio would be a great choice. However, don’t expect Pebble style notifications due to the smaller screen size that can make reading messages a tad difficult. If you love fitness trackers, Axtrosports has a great collection of them and if you want to know more about healthy living, their blog is a great source of info too!

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