4 Steps to determine the best Power Bank for your phone

What is the best power bank in Singapore? I doubt there is one power bank that can be named the best. The best power bank for you, really depends on so many factors, mainly your phone capacity and your phone usage habits. Here’s a guide on how to choose the right power bank, for yourself.

Knowing Your Battery Capacity


To understand what kind of power bank you need, you first have to know what type of phone you are using and how large your battery capacity is. If you have a phone with a huge capacity, then this could work both ways. You might not even need a power bank, or you might need one with a mega capacity in order to fully charge your phone once, or a couple of times over if you wish. If you have a smaller device, then you will only need a smaller power bank to fully recharge your phone. If you have a 2,550mAh Samsung S6, I recommend at least getting a 3000mAh portable charger.

Understanding Your Usage Habits


Know how you expend your phone’s fuel. If you tend to finish off your battery life within hours of beginning the day, get a power bank with at least 2x your battery capacity so that you can fully recharge it once and have spare capacity to power your phone before going home at the end of the day.

If you tend finish the day off with 20% battery, you might just need a small 2000mAh lightweight power bank to sustain your smartphone on the bus ride home.

Analysing Charging Rates Beyond Battery Life


Battery capacity isn’t all you should look at when y0u buy your power bank. Your power bank’s battery output is just as important. You don’t want to have to plug in your phone to your power bank for hours on end just to get it charged.

Most power banks have an output of 1A current (over 5V), but many newer phone models, support fast charging (e.g. Qualcomm’s Quick Charge technology) these are able to charge at quicker rates and higher currents.

For iPhones and iPads, power banks over 2.4A outputs will be great and for Android devices, at least 1.5A should be a good starting point as well.

Using Common Sense to Check for Fake Specs


I have seen toothpick sized power banks that are pretty light whilst claiming to be 10,000mAh in capacity. Obviously these are fakes, you should check around with your friends how large their power banks are. A good gauge would be Xiaomi’s power banks. If your device is around the same size with the same capacity, it’s likely to be real. If not, you should think twice before buying.


Don’t just go out there buying the 20,000mAh Xiaomi power bank because everyone is getting it. You might actually find it too large and cumbersome for your needs. Take the time to search for your ideal power bank and it can be a lifelong companion you will never let go of.

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