5 Weirdest Tech Products of 2015

These top 5 innovative but yet strange tech products have caught our eye at Twenty First Tech. Are they useful? Or just plain weird? You decide.

1. Fat Belt


Belty, a product from startup Emiota is a smart belt designed to help you attain your fitness and weight-loss goals.

This mechanical belt loosens itself as your waistline expands, as you chow down on desert at Christmas, sending a signal to the user that they should put that cookie on hold if there is a sudden increase in girth or get back on the treadmill in the gym if it’s a more gradual increment over days. A built-in accelerometer can tell when you are standing or sitting to loosen and tighten as required throughout the day. This ensures your pants are always nice and snug. Auto-belt for the win?

2. ChihiraAico – Creepy or Smart?


Toshiba’s realistic ChihiraAico robot is pretty much an android Geisha. This robotic hostess is built to make conversation and even sing. Toshiba claims this robot has the most realistic facial expressions of any android model. It is based on 43 pneumatic actuators, 24 in its shoulders, arms and hands and 15 in the face.

I’m not sure if I need a robot to sing or make conversations with me. I’m really not that socially awkward. Even if I were, I think Siri is good enough.

3. Tao Exercise Chair


Sitting disease no more. If you want to exercise, but can’t gather the energy to go to the gym? Sit down and get workin. The TAO Chair,  is designed to provide a dynamic workout for your primary target zones by squiggling your arms and legs in the chair isometrically from the comfort of your living room.

This expensive TAO Chair doesn’t really replace the gym or to pump your muscles up. However, it does somewhat promotes health for the lazy couch potato. Nevertheless, for $1000, I’d rather build a home gym and get those endorphins flowing!

4. Smart Spider Dress – Spiderwoman?


While most wearables are more aesthetic than intimidating, the Smart Spider Stress has the potential to help protect the wearer (Dr Octopus?). The system can measure stress in the wearer, as well as what is happening in the surrounding area and reacts accordingly. If the wearer is approached at an aggressive manner, the dress transforms into “territorial attack mode,” while a more gentle approach will see the device adopt an inviting stance to open up to the incoming person.

Most certainly cool, but I think I don’t need this spider armour to take care of me. I can handle myself pretty well in any social situations.

5. Rollkers


These are not roller blades. They are shoes that help you walk up to 7mph. We have got electric scooters, uniwheels and now electric shoes? Pretty cool to be honest, but have we gotten so lazy as a population we can’t even walk without enhancement?

These shoes are nice and efficient though, but they do look a little strange and you have to carry them around when you are not on wheels. So do remember that when you think it makes your life easier

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