Metal Gear Solid’s developer, Hideo Kojima, ends ties with Konami to join Sony

If you have heard of cult classic ‘P.T’, and famous titles like¬†Castlevania, Zone of the Enders, and Boktai,¬†then you know Kojima, the man behind these titles. Just a few days back, Kojima announced that he was leaving Konami to work with Sony.



Well, why did Kojima leave Konami? It isn’t personal, it’s business. Cliched, but most likely true in this case. Kojima is great at his work, his name is pretty much synonymous with a mega video game hit. Although Metal Gear Solid V was a rather expensive endeavour, it was nevertheless going to be a great game.


Kojima leaving Konami was due more to the fact that there was a shift in focus from console games to mobile-based games, which many business feels is the direction for the industry. It’s shallower, but its simpler to do and can potentially turn into more profits.

So whilst Konami wanted to compete in the mobile phone game industry, Kojima most likely wasn’t comfortable settling for miniature games stuffed into 5-inch screens that lacked sophistication and depth. Would the makers of Halo settle for developing Candy Crush? Probably not.

What’s Next?


Kojima has started his own studio, Kojima productions and will continue to work on a console-exclusive title which will be launched for Sony, so stay tuned and we will bring you more updates when more news is released!

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