Top 5 Coolest Phone Accessories

We use our smartphones every single day without fail, and some of us even have withdrawal symptoms when deprived access to our pocket PCs. A recent study by revealed that the average person spends 90 min a day on their phone. That figure may not sound like a lot but that amounts up to 23 days a year and 3.9 years of the average person’s life is spent staring at his or her smartphone screen. So, here are some of the best and coolest smartphone accessories to show your smartphone that it’s the love of your life. 

1. Sony QX30 Attachable Lens

sony attachable lens.png

Who needs a large bulky DSLR when you can just bring about a portable snap-on lens that can almost instantly enhance any smartphone camera to top-notch quality? These attachable lenses are awesome with 30x zoom if you like to shoot on the go. However, they are rather pricey at S$499. Nevertheless, with such a high powered zoom and a resolution of 20.40 Megapixels and an extended ISO range of 80 – 12,800, a photography enthusiast should most certainly give this a go.

2. Ozaki Leather Folio Case (iPhone)

$32.99 USD

Everyone needs a phone case, whether for fashion or to protect it from our own clumsiness. The rear of this foldable case acts like a thick sheet of cardboard that can be folded to prop up the phone as shown in the photo above for reading/media viewing purposes. Given that we consume a lot of media on our smartphones, this may be a worthy investment.

3. XiaoMi Powerbanks

From S$14 to S$30

“Sorry, ttyl, 5% batt”. Sounds familiar? That is a message I send and receive quite often to be honest. It makes sense, then, to just save yourself and your friends some inconvenience by getting a Powerbank. We recommend Xiaomi’s Powerbanks because of their impressive capacity and reliability, and the rock-bottom prices – you can’t find any cheaper powerbanks out there. The only downside to it is perhaps its weight for the heavier models. The powerbank is available in 16000 mAh ($29.99), 10400 mAh ($18.99) and 5000 mAh ($13.99). You can find them right here.

4. Looq Selfie Stick

$16.99 USD

It seems as if our generation is obsessed with staring at mirrors and taking selfies. For those of you who can’t get enough of yourself, arm yourself with this selfie stick. It doesn’t use Bluetooth; some of you may think this isn’t a good thing, but this also means that there isn’t a need to connect to Bluetooth manually. Just plug this selfie stick into your headphone jack and voila it works.

5. Google Cardboard VR

Google Cardboard

Ever heard of Oculus, Morpheus or Gear VR? Those are expensive, but they do offer a unique peek into the future. Why not peek at this future and experience virtual reality for only $10 with the Google Cardboard VR? Install the Google Cardboard app and cruise through a landscape or city street in Google Earth or watch YouTube videos in a virtual theater too!

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