Publish Your Game As A Developer with goGame and Make it to Global Stardom

Ex-CEO of Gumi Asia, the man who made Chain Chronicles and Brave Frontier the top grossing app on the Play Store, David Ng has started his own local startup goGame. This multi-million dollar startup seeks to help revolutionise game publishing and help game developers get the recognition they deserve faster than ever in this saturated market for mobile apps.

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CEOs of Incubate Fund, SEGA, goGame, SEGA Networks

Singaporean pride no doubt, David’s new company hasn’t just gained the attention  of video game giant SEGA but also got its backing from venture capital firm Incubate Fund. Despite being only 4 months old, goGame is already a multi-million dollar startup.

How Does it Work?

Captivating presentation by David

So I went down to goGame’s launch event and had a first hand look at the programmes myself and met some awesome guys like SEGA’s CEO and COOs who were honestly, rather awesome dudes (who loved their alcohol). But setting that aside, these guys know their work even more than they love their alcohol.

Think of it as Weebly or Wix for developers. All you gotta do as a developer is drag and drop the services you need to launch your game using a free-to-publish system called goPlay. The impressive part is how easy this self-service model works. If you are short on funds as an indie developer living out of your mom’s apartment, don’t worry. Just opt for the free publishing service and simply pay for additional options when you need them.

gogame sega ceo
Pretty chill guys for CEOs

Of course, if you are a bigger company with substantial funding, you can also work with goGame using traditional games publishing arrangements where developers share revenue with publishers who handle all the business aspects of the game whilst the developers do what they do best, code and get the awesome work running.

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Heard of Brave Frontier? David’s the man behind its success

Publicity wise, goGame is in talks with Telcos worldwide and they can launch your game cross-platform with a single url, even by SMS. Think of it this way. all you gotta do is click on the SMS link and you can start playing the game in your phone’s browser without having to even download the game.

Reminds you of those annoying pop-up ads that lead you astray from where you wanted to go?. Fear not – goGame has ads that are just simple url links that when clicked doesn’t direct you away from your current window, but opens a in-game or in-programme popup that lets you play the game immediately. Don’t like it, just click back to continue WhatsApp-ing. Like it? Then just install it!

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To be honest, I was really amazed by what goGame did. goGame even reached out to emerging markets and work with Telcos to publicise your game to those without credit cards to have payment methods via Telcos. So your game isn’t just marketed here in Singapore or in developed countries, it’s publicised to the whole world. The reach of these ads on telcos with a single SMS blast goes into the millions and even if 1 percent of them choose to download your game, that’s tens of thousands of downloads with a single SMS blast.

My Opinion


goGame is honestly revolutionizing the frontier of game publishing. It is bridging the divide between game development and marketing. Nerdy coders can do what they do best and let goGame help them reach out to the masses for a cost that’s minuscule compared to what traditional marketing firms offer. With their self-servicing goPlay service, you are in charge of your own marketing direction and yet at the same time, you have the pros there to guide you and give you the support you need anytime, anywhere. If I understood game development in the slightest bit and knew how to code, goGame would be my first choice.

With that being said, there are still some doubts in my mind on how they are going to get games working in developing nations with poor 4G networks. One of their employees did mention that that’s an issue they are currently facing and aim to resolve in time to come. With their multi-million dollar arsenal, I have faith that goGame will succeed and that developers should keep an open mind about working with goGame.

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