Best Tech Gifts for Christmas

With the holiday season around the corner, everyone’s looking out for the best gifts to get their friends and family. So right here at Twenty First Tech, we are going to help you pick out the best gadget gifts of 2015 for your tech-savvy buddies!


Surface Pro 4 ($1399 onwards)

Surface Pro 4Microsoft has unleashed the latest Surface Pro 4 that has once again impressed the tech scene. The Surface Pro 3 was a fantastic device, but the Surface Pro 4 didn’t just live up to the expectations set by its predecessor, but surpassed it by miles. Weighing only 766 grams, this is probably the lightest laptop in the market. Despite being so incredibly light, the processors on the Surface Pro 4 are incredibly powerful and promises a lag free experience. The best part is, the SP4 is not strictly a laptop, but actually a laptop-tablet hybrid. It all depends on how you want to sue it. So if you want to get your friends and family a portable powerhouse, this is it!


Apple iPad Air 2 ($688 onwards)

ipad air 2.png
It really is a fantastic product, Apple or not

Let’s face it, Apple was bound to come up somewhere in this article, so yep the iPad Air 2 makes represents Apple’s first appearance in the article. The iPad Air 2 is an impressive device for your loved ones  It is thinner, faster and better than the iPad 2  It is 40% faster than the previous model and comes it at only 6.8mm and 467g! With the new TouchID function, your friends can have this awesome device come to life with just a tab of their fingers on the home button. The fingerprint sensor is an amazing piece of technology that makes everything more convenient on the iPad. Well, just beware that with every dab of your finger on the home button, you can authorise a transaction. So if your credit card is at risk of excessive online shopping, maybe you might want to try a model that makes it more inconvenient for you or whoever you are getting the device for to shop.


Samsung Galaxy Note 5 ($1088)

samsung galaxy note 5
A Classy Device For Dear Ones

For those of you who say writing by hand is dead, the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 seeks to prove you wrong. Ever since I graduated from Junior College, I haven’t done much writing, but yet, writing out my thoughts and notes seems to help me retain knowledge so much better and encourages critical thinking on another level. The Galaxy Note 5 is probably the best gift you can get someone who loves writing with a great stylus or even digital art. Of course, the smartphone itself is a remarkable all rounder as well. It doesn’t just look amazing, it’s interior hardware is just as good as its exterior, plus the camera on the device is a superb 16MP shooter that is perfect for outdoor shooting purposes. So if budget is not an issue, the Note 5 is a device you can get your loved ones to stay in touch with them all the time whilst empowering them with the full functionality of a mobile machine.

ASUS ZenFone 2 Laser ($278)

zenfone 2 laser.jpg
The Best Camera Phone You Can Get At This Price

If price is a concern, the ZenFone 2 Laser is probably the goto gift for you this holiday. Honestly, I have never really found the need to buy a smartphone over $400, so the ASUS ZenFones are an all-time favourite for me. The ZenFone Laser 2 looks amazing on the outside, packs a powerful processor and an even sharper camera with built-in laser focus technology that shoots crystal clear photos. With the ZenFone 2 Laser, you don’t have to bring a camera out on holidays with your family because this budget smartphone will blow your minds away by being an impressive shot.

Virtual Reality Goggles

Google Cardboard VR ($10~)

VR for $10…Really

Forget the Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear. They are great products, but who has the money to spend on weird looking goggles anyway. Just kidding, I love those products, but for most people who want to try out a VR device, just get the Google Cardboard VR. It is a simple DIY VR device that turns your phone into a self-made virtual reality viewer and the best thing is getting it done for only $10. There are premium versions of it out there, but you can get them from Qoo10 at a really reasonable price. I’m getting one for myself right now on the next tab on Google Chrome.

Audio Products

Jabra Sport Coach ($248)

Jabra sport coach.jpg
Rock to the Beat

I’ve always been a fitness enthusiast myself and the one thing I know I can’t do without in the gym is decent music. I reviewed the Sport Coach awhile back and pretty much had nothing bad to say about it. The vacuum seal and comfort on this device was extraordinary. The sound quality was good and it even a virtual coach to take your through your cross-training session. If you want to help your family keep fit on the go, or have your spouse lose that extra weight he/she gained from eating that log cake, then the Jabra Sport Coach, although a little bit expensive, is a good fit.

JBL Clip + ($109)

jbl clip.jpg
Beats on the Go

Going for a class chalet or gathering? Take your music with you with the JBL Clip+. This portable speaker is ultra-light, ultra-rugged and ultra-powerful. The portable bluetooth speaker allows you to stream music from your phone and make you the life of the party. Reasonably priced, this device is great for gatherings and delivers serious beats like any other solid speaker.


XiaoMi 16,000 mAh PowerBank ($30)

xiaomi powerbank.jpg
Portable Fuel

I don’t recall a day that has gone by when I haven’t whipped out my XiaoMi PowerBank. I’m sure most would agree so if you want to stay in touch with your close friends on WhatsApp without having them reply you “ttyl, 5% batt”, then the 16,000 mAh powerbank will be the best gift for them. With 16,000 mAh worth of battery, you can charge an iPhone nearly 10 times without having to recharge your mega fuel reserve.

K380 Portable Bluetooth Keyboard ($54)

k380 bluetooth keyboard.jpg
Workin on the Go

Walking around with a laptop is tiring. Lately, I have been trying to use my Google Nexus 7 and my Xiaomi Note 4G as my portable working station. Then, I realised that typing with my thumbs were near impossible on a tablet and honestly, I wasn’t too keen on getting thumb calluses. So I got myself a portable keyboard, not the K380, and honestly, I left my laptop to collect dust for nearly a week. If I had a bluetooth portable keyboard for me to write articles and work on the go, I suspect I would not be on the computer right now. Logitech’s K380 bluetooth keyboard is incredibly compact at 27cm X 12cm and weighs only 400g. You can easily tuck it in your backpack and whip it out whenever you need to work. So if you have anyone in your family that’s always working on the go, the K380 would be sweet.

Tempered Glass Screen Protector ($8 onwards)

tempered glass protector.png
Modern Day Body Armour

See all those cracked screens your friends have? Yea well, I have a cracked screen too.With phones getting larger and larger today, its nearly impossible to hold them without dropping it. So if you can’t drop it, then I suppose you just have to protect it right? That’s where phone cases and screen protectors come in handy. With a simply screen protector, you can protect your precious $1000 iPhone from the ravages of modern society and enable it to live out its life scar-free. A cheap and simple gift, but one that’s probably the most practical.


There are honestly too many awesome products out there for me to cover completely, but these are the best you can get right here in Singapore. They may be costly, but they are certainly the most useful gifts you could get for your loved ones. After all, Christmas comes only once a year! Show your close friends and family how much they matter with these useful tech products!

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