Jabra Sport Pace Review: Hardy But Not Snug

Wireless headphones are all the rage nowadays. The Jabra Sport Pace is one of the latest wireless headphones produced by Jabra, aimed particularly at sports enthusiasts. Bluetooth headphones are the preferred choice as an audio companion for fitness enthusiasts, and for good reason. Who needs dangly spaghetti wires getting in our way during workouts? The Sport Pace’s peers, the Jabra Sport Coach and the Jabra Sport Pulse have performed extremely well, so how does this new entrant compare? Let’s take a look.


Behind the Ear Hooks

As with most bluetooth headsets, the Sport Pace features a behind the neck wire as well as a sturdy over-the-ear loop and cable management clip to help you get a good fit around your head. It also features in-ear earbuds to deliver great music to fuel your workouts.


This sweat-resistant set of earphones also comes with a reflective strip that helps road users notice your presence under adverse lighting conditions to keep you safe on the road. In my time using the Sport Pace, I have not once, had it fall off while I was working out, no matter if it was sprinting or performing some explosive olympic lifts. Sweating was also not an issue as the earphones could be cleaned relatively quickly and easily due to its simple design, so there is no need to worry about hygiene or even water damage to the earphones.

Good, but unable to compare with the Sport Pulse or Sport Coach

However, unlike the Jabra Sport Coach and Jabra Sport Pulse, the Sport Pace doesn’t have any eargel or earwing design to help it fit snugly into your ears. Hence, there isn’t the sort of vacuum seal most in-ear headphones provided. As such, the audio experience was suboptimal due to the presence of ambient noise. Furthermore, these earphones weren’t as comfortable as its peers.  After working out with it in the gym for an hour, my muscles weren’t the only sore body part, my ears were aching too. This was perhaps the most disappointing feature of the Sport Pace considering how snug the other Jabra headphones are.

Audio Quality

Jabra never ceases to impress when it comes to sound quality. Despite the presence of ambient noise, the Sport Pace still delivered fairly good beats that fuelled me through the most gruel workouts.

The most notable feature of the Sports Pace is its impressive bass. Some would say it’s too much, or perhaps even unbalanced, but I loved it. Personally, I feel as if the bass is one of the most important  features of a set of earphones designed for sports considering most people train to either rock, EDM or hip-hop music that places a heavy emphasis on good bass. In fact, I found the sound quality to be better than the Coach or the Pulse that had a perfect fit on my earbuds so that came as a surprise to me.


Sporting Performance

jabra-sport pace.png

The Jabra Sport Pace comes with a companion app you can download in the App Store or Google Play Store. The Jabra Sport app can be used with any of Jabra’s Sports Series earphones. It is a great app for tracking your calories and distance for workouts and you can checkout the review of the app here.

Battery Life

jabra battery life.png

The Sport Pace lasts around 5 hours on a single charge. Not impressed, well, wait till you hear this. It has a super quick charging capability that enables you to stream 1 hour worth of audio on a 15 min charge. So if your headphones are running out of juice before your workout, just plug it into a USB port charge for 15 min and voila, your device is all set and ready to go for your next workout session.  I loved this feature because I constantly forget to charge my bluetooth headset, and nobody likes having their headphones die on them in the midst of a workout. So all I had to do was plug it in for 10min into a portable charger and awesome, I was able to squeeze out that last bit of intensity for my workout with great beats.


How is the Jabra Sport Pace? Decent, but definitely not great. To be honest, I love everything Jabra. Their premium line of audio products have won me over ever since I tried out their Jabra Sport Coach which I absolutely loved and was so sad to part with. Unfortunately, I can’t say the same for the Sport Pace. The uncomfortable fit in my ear despite changing earbud size was a major disappointment for me. Maybe I have strangely shaped ears, I’m not sure, but it wasn’t a pleasant experience for the cartilage on my ears. Nevertheless, when it came to audio quality, Jabra really never fails to deliver. So if you aren’t too concerned with having that vacuum seal to block out ambient noise, then the Sport Pace should be a great fit for you.

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