Starcraft 2: Legacy of the Void Review

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Take Back Aiur on 09.11.15

The final expansion of StarCraft II, that is Legacy of the Void was released on 09.11.15, it is the most anticipated strategy game of 2015, and for good reason. We all love Blizzard’s Protoss, those high tech plasma psionic blade wielding blue aliens that just seems so cool. In this stand alone expansion, we finally see how the story comes to an end, as Artanis takes the fight to Amon, the Dark God and Xel Naga that seeks to return all life to the void. Of couse, we also have the multiplayer that sees the introduction to so many cool new units we can command. So I got a copy of LotV from CDKEYPLUS.COM at a rate much lower than market rate, since I’m on an NSF’s budget, and boy it was so damn good.


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Legacy of the Void’s campaign storyline seems a little linear and erm, lame at the end for me, but it provided the answers that many fans sought for, including what the Xel Naga is, what they look like and finally resolve the StarCraft 2 story. Unlike the previous expansions, you don’t get much choice on where to attack or what units to acquire first and how to modify them much like previous installments. However, the SP is still pretty interesting.

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My Life For Aiur

Death is the greatest honour. We love the protoss, energy wielding zealots with incredible sense of divinity and honour. We get a view of the mysterious protoss society, their history, division and caste systems that fractured the unified Firstborn to the Templars, Nezarim and Tal’ Darim.


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Hierach Artanis

In this expansion, Artanis leads and unites the Protoss faction, with the help of Vorazun, matriach of the Nezarim, Fenix, a dragoon containing the memories of the past Templar, Rohana, a protoss preserver and even Alarak, a high-ranking lieutenant of the Tal’ Darim to unite the protoss factions and amass a huge army to destroy Amon. Throughout the game, you will deal with Moebius Corps (Terran), Amon’s brood (Zerg) and the Tal’ Darim under Amon’s dark control and finally bring the fight to Amon himself. In the final fight, the protagonist of the 3 factions, Artanis, Raynor and Kerrigan to destroy Amon.



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Fantastic Game. Lacking Plot

I loved the protoss storyline almost right up to the end when the protoss fought Amon. Getting to understand the history of the protoss and gain an insider’s perspective on the mysterious alien race was great. Seeing a XelNaga, and even fighting one was awesome. The only issue I had with the storyline was the conclusion. I didn’t really understand why Kerrigan became a [spoiler alert] flying humanoid Phoenix thing that’s suppose to be a Xel Naga, that’s when I felt things got a little too weird for my liking.


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Awesome Gameplay Mechanics

Campaign gameplay was great, the unit customisation was pretty fun, although I would have preferred if we could try the units in battle first like in HotS, and I also felt some units were really overpowered, like Dark Templars that will respawn at your base and adepts with amazing teleportation abilities.

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Cool New Units

There were several cool missions that involved fighting on a moving platform, multiple search and destroy missions that made the campaign gameplay ever changing so so dynamic it was impossible to get bored of. Controlling heroes in special missions was awesome too, especially when you can hijack robotic units as Karax and have Whirlwind abilities as Fenix that just seems to decimate your enemies as if you were a paper shredder, and they were…paper.

spear of adun
Use Solarite to Power Abilities in the Spear of Adun

I don’t recall having that much fun in gameplay in HotS and most certainly, LotV is worth being called a stand-alone game by itself.

Co-Op mode

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Legacy of the Void introduces many new styles of gameplay, one of them being co-op mode. You have straightforward missions involving overcoming a final boss or simply surviving for a certain period of time. You also get slightly more complicated missions such as collecting unique resources in order to progress. What’s great about it is that you get to interact with other humans online and not just AIs, and at the same time, it is much more relaxed than a competitive deathmatch.

Archon Mode

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As a new RTS player. I loved Archon mode. Archon mode is a unique style of gameplay whereby 2 players control the same base and units. If you have bad cooperation skills, you will send your units all over the place without understanding what you guys are trying to achieve, sending uncoordinated conflicting messages that leaves your poor probes with a mind-splitting headache, literally. However, if you have a master player on your side, you can let him show you the ropes whilst you micromanage the simpler tasks. Having lost 10/10 of my first SC2 games, Archon mode gave me my first win that made me so ecstatic (thought the credit wasn’t really mine, I just mined for minerals and watch my teammate decimate the enemy).


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Mad Warpin with Protoss

Now I have heard amazing things about the LotV multiplayer. It plays alot differently from the previous versions of Starcraft II. There are a whole load of new units, some of which are rather overpowered like the cyclone and adept, which is really powerful against Terran units, sending their shadows forth to decimate my Orbital Commands within seconds…sigh. Then again, I am a rather new RTS player so, it might be because I’m Mr Slowhands. The various new units are great and fun to play with, and the gameplay is fast paced as always. It keeps you on your toes at all times, training me to recognise Terran hotkeys within 1 hour of gameplay, it’s really do or die (although my fate falls to the latter most of the time). It would be wise to check new builds and metas because many of them don’t work anymore since LotV is no WoL or HotS.


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End of an Era

Freaking awesome. Despite the strange ending, Legacy of the Void is one of the best games these years and most definitely the best RTS. I can’t wait for something like Starcraft II again. I wish Blizzard would come up with a Starcraft III, but I don’t think thats coming out anytime in the future. With a solid single player gameplay and action packed multiplayer, LotV surpasses its predecessors in so many ways. So I would most definitely thank my friends at for this awesome game.

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