ZenSational Holiday Season with ASUS Products

After the announcement of the newest ZenFones at the ZenFestival, ASUS isn’t resting. Just last week, the Zensation launch event saw some incredible new tech gadgets being offered for the public.

Wearables – ZenWatch 2

Everyone is doing it. From Fitbit, to Apple, to Pebble, smartwatches and wearables have taken the tech world by storm. ASUS isn’t shying down from the fight as well. The ZenWatch 2 is ASUS’ representative in the wearables arena. Retailing at $229, this sleek looking watch has customisable faces and straps. With a bright screen and long battery life, the ZenWatch is a competitor to fear. Never miss another notification with this powerhouse on your wrist. It also has a full-featured activity tracker with a built-in pedometer with reliable step-counting accuracy. It also has a  personal activity manager smartphone app that not only tracks your progress but also help you achieve your personal fitness goals.

Amongst some of its amazing features, the ZenWatch also has a Business Helper, an array of functions to assist wearers with work-related tasks, like checking your to-do list, managing email, and viewing call logs.


The ZenWatch 2 looks very promising, it seems like a hybrid between the Pebble Smartwatch and Apple iWatch. At $229, it is rather affordable for a device that fuses activity tracking and smartwatch notification. However, I sense abit of Samsung Gear influence and I hope it will be just as compatible to normal android phones and not exclusively biased towards ASUS Zenfones.

PCs – AiO Pro Series

ASUS made its name in the PC scene by being a reliable brand and the AiO PC series reinforces its image. These All-In-One PCs are have great processing power that is suitable for all purposes, especially media fanatics.

These devices are thin and aesthetically pleasing. The Zen AiO Pro series have all-aluminium brushed-metal back that gives it a chromish look in addition to a Icicle Gold finishing. Under the hood is industry-leading technology with up to latest 6th generation quad-core Intel® Core™ processors and gaming-grade NVIDIA graphics. It is also fully functional with next-generation USB 3.1 Gen 2, capable of transferring data up to 10Gbit/s. Last but not least, it has incredibly awesome  6-speaker stereo sound system that lets you to rock to any beat.


ASUS has never let me down in the PC department. It is always my PC of choice due to its reliability. This PC really seems to take All-In-One seriously. It is a gaming PC, a media PC and a work PC all in one. I most certainly look forward to this powerhouse.

Notebooks – Svelte ZenBook UX305 Ultrabook

It’s all about being slim. The Svelte ZenBook UX305 Ultrabook™ with the new gold colour armed with the latest 6th generation Intel® Core™ M processor and pre-loaded Windows 10 OS is a sight to behold. The UX305 seeks to bring the fight to the Microsoft Surface Pro and MacBook Air.

With a 13.3 inch display, thickness of only 1.2cm and weighing 1.2kg. the ZenBook has a figure that can make models envious. Furthermore, with a battery life of 10 hours, it’s a laptop you can bring out safely without a charger.


Not the slimmest or lightest PC out there to be honest, but for $1,498, its most definitely worth its weight. Other PCs in the range like the MacBook Air have inferior processing power and laptop tablet hybrids like the Surface Pro that beats the ZenBook in weight and thickness are so much more expensive that it if you want a version with this processing power.

Tablet Accessory – ZenPad 8 Audio Cover

Want a tablet cover that rocks to your beat? The ZenPad 8 Audio Cover does just that. With 6 in-built speakers with DTS premium audio-technology placed into a leather-embossed casing that would serve as a fashion accessory, this cover makes your ZenPad look good and sound good at the same time.


Unconventional. but cool, and unfortunately only applicable if you have a ZenPad 8. If you do, then its probably a cool addition you can consider. $129 is a little expensive though, so you might consider it only if you have the cash for such novelty.

ASUS delivers all round great products. If you are looking for a gift for a friend this holiday, it might be worth trying out some of these. How good are they? Hang on and maybe we will have some awesome reviews up for you.

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