Got Your New iPhone 6S? Supercharge It With These Hacks

The iPhone is an expensive device for a reason. Its power and functionality arguably supersedes any other smartphone there is in the market. However, I’m almost certain that you’re not making the most out of it. So here are some tips and tricks to supercharge your user experience.

Optimising Siri for your Singaporean Accent

Siri was and still is the flagship feature first seen in iOS 7. This virtual personal assistant can help make your life easier and answer all your questions swiftly. However, it’s power is unfortunately limited by our Singlish. Hence. it often mispronounces words and doesn’t recognise quirky Singaporean names and places. How do you fix this? Simple. just say ‘That is not how you pronounce (the specific word)” after Siri has responded your statement. This corrects the error and reveals a list of substitutes you can choose from.

Create a Family Tree With Siri

Do you know you can establish relationships between your contacts? Just activate Siri and explain the relationships between your contacts. For example, “Tan Ah Beng is my brother”. Once you have instructed Siri, simply say ‘Yes’ when prompted by the program and the relationship will be confirmed.

Siri without the Home Button

Activating Siri by pressing the home button is troublesome. Did you know you can call Siri just using your voice? Just select General within the main Settings panel, tap Siri, and toggle Allow “Hey Siri” to turn that function on.

Quickcharge your iPhone by turning it to Airplane Mode

Charging your iPhone is faster in Airplane Mode than with mobile network turned on. this isn’t surprising, but if you need a quick charge to get out of the house, bear this in mind, After all, every percent counts.

Kill Those Power-Drainers

The iPhone battery now has a much larger capacity compared to previous models. but we still always find ourselves in an energy crisis alot of times. To check out which apps are sapping your life force, select General from within the main Settings panel. Afterward, select Usage followed by Battery Usage on the resulting page to see the list of power hogs.

One-Handed Ninja

iPhones are getting larger, but our fingers aren’t getting any longer. Want to use your iPhone with only 1 hand. it’s not impossible.The new Reachability feature can be activated by simply double-tapping the Home button to shift the screen down closer to your thumb. After your selection is made, it will conveniently slide back up to its original position, accessibility at its finest.

What’s That Tune

Now that Apple has collaborated to Shazam, finding out what beats are playing near you is simple. Simply activate Siri and ask “What’s that song” to figure out what’s playing around you. No need to open SoundHound or Shazam Pro anymore.

Final Words

The iPhone is a powerful device, please use it to its full abilities. After all, you did pay a huge price for this amazing device!

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