ZenFone Selfie – A Remarkable All-Rounder with an Optical Edge


ZenFone Selfie – Review

The ZenFone Selfie is an awesome phone by all measures. Released just last month, it is one of the latest additions to the ZenFone series along with the ZenFone Go and ZenFone 2 Laser. Priced at $399, the ZenFone Selfie is an affordable powerhouse with an optical twist, a 13MP rear camera that makes all you #selfie junkies go mad. So here’s an “optical” review for you!


ZenFones generally have the same design so the ZenFone selfie looks pretty much just like its brethrens. It has a curved plastic rear that makes it easy to grip (but not that easy to place on a flat surface without it wobbling around) and a chrome-ish front that gives it an elegant and sleek designer look. It’s power button is on top of the phone and the volume buttons are at the rear. This is a little perculiar. For a phone with a 5-inch screen, reaching for the top of the phone to lock your phone can be troublesome if you have short fingers like me. Nevertheless, I still feel that the ZenFone Selfie sports a nice and unique look that I can live with.

It is also fairly light, coming in at only 170g. Whilst this is not anything mindblowing, it is honestly good enough.


This is why the ZenFone Selfie exists. It boasts both a 13MP front and rear camera capable of taking amazing shots. This is not just due to the high MP and resolution of the photos but its superb autofocus capabilities that enable you to snap clear shots quickly under a second. Furthermore, it has many modes such as Beautify, Low Light, Depth of Field and even Super Resolution to take photos that churn out nicely in any setting. The beautify mode was really interesting, helping you adjust your skin tone in selfies, remove blemishes and even adjust cheek width! The 13 MP front camera beats pretty much most smartphone cameras out there in the market. What’s more, being priced at $399, this phone blasts all other smartphone cameras in its price range away.

User Experience

Using the ZenFone Selfie was pretty much a great experience. I didn’t experience much lags or any lags at all, perhaps that’s because I’m not an avid gamer. I use the smartphone pretty much for calls, messages and work purposes but it has never failed me even when I was opening countless tabs and windows. I’m sure the 3GB RAM and octa-core processor helped.

The ZenUI was amazing as well. Features like ZenMotion were impressive. Double tap the screen while its asleep to wake it up, swipe a letter “C” whilst the phone screen is off to immediately access the camera. This is most definitely extremely convenient and impressive. Other features like smart-grouping that automatically group apps of related features together for you really makes life alot easier.

The only drawback was the bloatware- all the preinstalled software ASUS has on the device that just takes up speed and storage. They aren’t particularly useful and pretty much just clogs up space.

Battery Life

Perhaps this is the only sad part of the ZenFone Selfie. Although it boasts a 3000mAh battery, I often found it dying on my midday. I’m not sure if it’s because I use it extremely intensively or it’s because the battery drains really quickly on such a powerful processor though.


The ZenFone Selfie is awesome and the infographic above pretty sums up my love for the device. For a $399 phone, the ZenFone impressed me more than I expected it to. So would I recommend this phone? Most definitely.

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