Sony Xperia Z5 up for pre-orders in Singapore

Good news, Sony fans in Singapore! The Xperia Z5 is now available to pre-order at S$998, with the Z5 Compact and Z5 Premium expected to cost S$828 and S$1098 respectively.

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Sony Xperia Z5 – First Impressions

Yesterday we got a chance to go down to Sony Singapore’s launch of their recently announced Xperia Z5 smartphones (except for the Z5 Premium – that’s launching slightly later) and see just what Sony has pulled out of the bag this time. For more information on the specifications, what’s new in the three devices and what’s not, you can also check out our article on the IFA launch of the Z5.

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A picture of a bunch of 16GB iPhones falling to obsolescence.

Getting the iPhone 6S in Singapore

Details of the availability and pricing of the newly announced iPhone 6S in Singapore are now out, with Starhub and M1 having opened their registration-of-interest (ROI) pages as well. If the three carriers aren’t your cup of tea, you can directly pre-order from Apple themselves from tomorrow, the 12th of September. Continue reading “Getting the iPhone 6S in Singapore”

Will the new AppleTV impress or fall flat?

Guest article by Maria Ramos

It seems that technology giant Apple is broad-minded and omnivorous in the diversity of its product lineup. Desktop computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets, watches and streaming music delivery all comprise significant fractions of its revenue. Apple looked like it would add televisions to its list of game-changing devices and services almost a decade ago, but the Apple TV has been a non-starter. It possessed the ability to do what any modern television could do but not much more. This situation is about to change, though, with the announcement of a new Apple TV with much more extensive and interesting capabilities than before.

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Netflix is coming to Singapore in 2016 – but content will be “curated”

It’s been far too long coming, but it’s finally coming in its official capacity. Netflix, global giant in the TV and movie streaming division, has finally announced its decision to offer its services in countries like Singapore, South Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Until now users in Singapore were forced to use VPNs, such as the one offered by MyRepublic, to access Netflix but now there will be no need for such hassle. Continue reading “Netflix is coming to Singapore in 2016 – but content will be “curated””