JABRA Sport Coach

Nowadays, everyone seems to be looking for training accessories to take their workouts to the next level. Heat-rate monitors, compression sleeves, fitness trackers, are all the rage nowadays. However, there is one workout gear that almost everyone can’t do without, earphones.

Attention audiophiles, athletes and fitness enthusiasts, JABRA presents the Sport Coach Wireless Earbuds.

Introducing the Sport Coach Wireless

The JABRA Sport Coach is a set of wireless bluetooth earphones designed specifically for cross-training enthusiasts. With JABRA’s built-in audio coaching system, it promises to deliver not only quality music but also individual coaching to fuel your most intense workouts.


  • Weight: 0.56 oz/16 g
  • Bluetooth: Version: 4.0, Talk range: up to 10 m
  • Battery & Power: Up to 5.5 hours Talk Time, Up to 10 days Standby Time
  • Music Control: From headphones or smartphones
  • Voice Guidance: Spoken prompts will guide you (pairing, connection & battery status)
  • Noise Reduction: Passive Noise Reduction: 15 dB
  • Sound System: Dolby Stereo Sound + Dolby Sound Enhancement

Aesthetics & Design

Featuring a new innovative design, the Sports Coach is certainly a looker. Intelligently designed, this wireless headphones is composed of 2 earbuds joined by a single wire with built-in volume and playback control buttons,

The Sports Coach features a unique new design known as “EarWings” and “EarGels” that come in 3 sizes, ensuring a perfect fit for your ears. Yes, I mean perfect. The promise JABRA puts out claiming that these ultra light earbuds will not hurt or fall out even at extreme training intensities isn’t just an empty promise.

These incredibly light earphones are not only elegantly designed but also highly functional.

Activity TrackingJABRA

Since the Sport Coach is designed for fitness, it is mandatory that we have to take this pair of earphones out for a test run, quite literally.

Outdoor workouts (Running, walking etc.)

Within the Sports Coach application you can select classic exercises such as walking, running etc. and utilise the GPS function as well as built-in accelerometer to track your outdoor workouts. Both the TrackFit advanced motion sensor and GPS feature of the Sports Coach are top-notch and highly accurate, proving that this set of earbuds aren’t just made for crossfit enthusiasts, but runners as well.

Indoor Training (Circuit-style)

The app also has a cross-training mode, with pre-made workouts for cross-training such as “CardioCore” and many other bodyweight routines. Unsure of how to perform the exercises listed in the routine such as  “Deadlifts”? No problem, click on the exercise in question and an illustrated diagram will show you how to perform it safely with good form. The best part is that the workout can be guided completely using the audio coaching function.

Essentially, you have a personal trainer in your ear and there is no need to click “Next” on the smartphone after you are done with any of the exercises.

Too fit for the routines in the app? That’s not an issue either, simply build your own routine, with custom sets, reps, time intervals to your preference and hit “Start”.

However, there are some things that could be improved on.

  1. There is no search function when selecting exercises, so you have to manually scroll down the list of exercises.
  2. There are simply too little exercises. If more exercises could be incorporated it would be great.
  3. A traditional strength training function could be added for average gym-goers. Right now, the app only offers circuit training, which might not be for everyone.
Beautifully designed application for iOS and Android

Nevertheless, these pair of earbuds are a fantastic piece of work by JABRA.

Even when performing my high intensity sprints and explosive Olympic Weightlifting failed to loosen these sturdy earbuds from my ears.

Sound Quality

By this time, everyone must be wondering how these earbuds sound?

Pitch Perfect

These pair of earphones take the words noise cancellation seriously. Ambient noises are almost non-existent once these EarWings and EarGels seal your ears perfectly. A word of caution to runners in urban areas though, please watch out for incoming traffic as you rock on to your favourite hits. These earbuds seal your ear so well it can make you oblivious to your surroundings.

That’s how good it is

When the Dolby sound system kicks in, it is as if you were thrown right into a studio with your favorite artist playing right before you. Playing some Hardwell and Krewella during an intense workout makes you feel almost indomitable. Who needs caffeine when you have the Sports Coach? These earbuds will fuel the most intense training workout. Even at its loudest, these earphones do not lose any sound quality, maintaining perfect pitch.


The only drawbacks i feel is that these beasts could use a little more bass, considering that they are a pair of workout earphones, the extra thump could help boost performance just by a little more. Nevertheless the sound is still pretty full.

Battery Life

This is where the Sports Coach takes a hit. Although the Sports Coach claims to have a battery life of around 5 hours, it often drains faster than that. That is a major drawback for Bluetooth headphones. One of the most disruptive and disappointing things you could have is your earphones dying on you during a great workout. For an average user, the Coach probably needs a charge after every 2-3 workouts, depending on how long you train. Nevertheless, considering that the earbuds only take a quick 1-2 hours to recharge, its something I can personally overlook.



  • Great sound quality
  • Perfect vacuum seal to block out ambient noise
  • Beautiful accompanying application
  • Comfortable
  • Rapid and easy bluetooth pairing
  • Aesthetically appealing


  • Could use a little more bass
  • Short battery life


Would I recommend the Sports Coach? Most definitely, at only $248, they are definitely worth their price. You can get them here at JABRA’s online store. Whether you are a sports enthusiast or just someone looking for a good beat.The JABRA Sports Coach is a great option.

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