5 Novel Health and Fitness Tech Products That Are Not Glorified Pedometers

Fitness trackers and wearables seem to be all the rage nowadays, promising to track your steps, calories and distance burnt. That’s great, but let’s face it, many of them are just glorified, fancy pedometers. What’s novel and interesting out there, are some of the products below, in no order of any sort.

1. The PowerDot


This unique little device comes in a set of one or two. It is an Electrical Muscle Stimulator that promises to deliver small currents to your muscles, mimicking neuromuscular impulses from your brain. Studies claim that such stimulation will provide athletes with strength and performance gains even outside the gym. It even has general massage modes to relax your muscles. This small convenient device is without a doubt, the first of its kind in the field. Should EMS really prove to be an effective tool for athletes like the theoretical research says it does, I believe Smartissimo, the brains behind this device, might just be on the dot (pun not intended)

Who is it for: Athletes or serious trainees looking to take their performance to the next level

2. The Skulpt Aim


Understand your Muscle Quality (MQ) with this small Electrical Impedance Myography (EIM) device backed by scientist and researchers from Harvard, MIT and reknowned colleges. This device measures your muscle quality and body fat at multiple locations on your body to help you track minute changes iin terms of body composition. It also claims to give a body fat reading accuracy within 1-2% of your actual body fat level. Goodbye skinfold calipers and body fat scales. EIM is still a relatively new concept, should it be truly accurate, this device may just be the training tool any strength trainee or simply any one looking to gain some muscle or lose some fat needs.

Who is this for: Anyone seeking to improve their body composition (with lots of money on their hands)

The Aim does not consistently provide accurate readings unfortunately, so do not be too happy if you see some gains in the area of 0.1%

3.  The SITU Smart Scale


No, this is not another weighing scale made “smart” simply because it connects to your WiFi and smartphone. This revolutionary scale is used to weigh your food.weighs not just in grams or ounces, but in calories and nutrients. Exercising is only half the battle. Watch your nutrition by monitoring your calories, sugar, salt, protein, vitamins and minerals of any food you place on this sweet device and you are on your way to success
Who is this for: Anybody into health and nutrition

4. Jabra Sports Coach


Ever tried enduring a marathon race or completing your NAPFA/IPPT test without music? Yea its not just a chore but a bore. The Jabra Sport Coach earbuds promises bluetooth connectivity (a necessity for all sports earphones) capabiltieis to provide you with continuous blood-pumping music on the go. Jabra goes one more step by providing you with a coaching system in-ear. That’s right, your coach will literally be speaking to you as you train. Last but not least, this slick device also provides heart-rate monitoring, a must have for all cardio enthusiast. As Jabra says, beat your best with these pair of earphones

Who is it for: Fitness enthusiasts seeking an awesome workout

Great cardio session. Good Job

5. Lumo Lift


Sit up straight! I’m sure we have had most of our parents nagging and yelling that at us when we were young. Good posture is most definitely plays a huge role in keeping our bones and muscles healthy. Instead of having your mum nag you about it, why not let this high-tech posture sensing device remind you? The Lumo Lift is able to sense whenever you slouch and will encourage you to adopt the right posture by buzzing. Not only does it help track your posture and encourages you to work on it, it counts your steps and calories as well. A great all rounded device in my books.

As a sloth, this is the story of my life

Who is it for? Habitual slouchers and couch potatoes seeking to improve their general health


Most of these devices are great and novel, but they do come at quite a cost. If you can make do without them, great, but if you do have that extra cash lying around, you might consider investing in one of these. They might just help take your health to the next level.

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