What is the Fitbit Flex?

Motivated to Move

If you are looking for a gadget that will help you make a healthy lifestyle change, the Fitbit Flex is most certainly a good step in that direction. 1 In the world of activity tracking Fitbit has established a name for itself in recent years. From its stylish wearables to its fantastic app support, it is no doubt that Fitbit has done a stellar job in establishing itself in this industry. Fitbit has many different types of activity trackers, however the Fitbit Flex remains one of the most popular one amongst the public.

What is the Fitbit Flex and what does it do?

The Fitbit Flex is an activity tracker that tracks several of your biometrics such as steps, calories burned, quality and hours of sleep and more.

How it feels

The Fitbit device is tiny, it fits within a rules clasp that comes in 3 sizes, S, M, L. The rubber clasp fits around one’s wrist and clips on.2 The Fitbit Flex fits snugly around one’s wrist very comfortably. Moreover, it is extremely light. This rubbery fitness tracker is without doubt one of the most comfortable trackers that I have ever used. The only downside is that some users find that it doesn’t clasp as it should and it has the potential to drop off one’s hand.3

How it looks

A variety of coloured clasps are available for Flex users. Users can personalise the look of the device to suit their style and fashion sense. Since the counter can be easily removed and slipped into a new band, changing bands is more than simple. On the device, there are 5 LED lights that signal to you how much of your daily step goals you have met. So assuming you are gunning for 10,000 steps a day, 3/5 lights means you have clocked over 6,000 steps! 4


Step Tracking: The Flex does a decent job tracking steps, however, there are some issues with a wrist pedometer such as the Flex. It tends to overcount one’s steps and gives a higher step count and hence translating into an overall higher distance travelled.  Flailing my arms madly around the air or simply shaking them up can contribute to an inaccurate step count. This may translate into a higher calorie burn estimation (more cookies for me please). However, in retrospect, the increased step count is probably not too much of a concern for most simply trying to get off the couch and move towards a healthier lifestyle. 5 Sleep Tracking: Sleep tracking is done based on motion when asleep. Sleep mode has to be activated manually by double tapping the Flex. Based on how much you move while you sleep, the Fitbit will determine the times when you are in deep sleep, light sleep or awake. Fitbit does this fairly well. Manually Input Activities: To increase the overall accuracy of your Flex device, you can choose to manually add activites such as “Tennis” or “Badminton” at certain times of the day and the Flex will come up with a calorie estimated burn during that duration based on your steps and activity, which is without a doubt an interesting feature.

The App (iOS and Android)

The Fitbit app is available both for Android and iOS users. Both of them looks great. Minimalistic and yet beautiful. The dashboard can be chosen to shown steps, distance, calories burned, active time, sleep quality, and food logging. It shows fantastic detailed graphs as well, displaying when you are the most active and when you are the most sedentary

7 More great features As mentioned earlier, the Fitbit app also includes a native food logging application for those calorie counter as well as macronutrient counters. It offers a huge list of food databases, matching other fitness apps such as MyFitnessPal. Although if users wish to use MyFitnessPal instead, they can simply sync their activity over the MyFitnessPal or vice versa since both apps are compatible In addition, the Flex has silent alarms. You can set these alarms that cause the device to vibrate at certain times and act as a silent alarm clock that awakens you naturally. Best of all, it allows you to get up and out of bed without disturbing your loved ones.


Without a doubt, the Flex is a remarkable device that will spur you to make some lifestyle changes for the better. Its beautiful app that supports a great ecosystem further adds value to the Flex. This remarkable piece of tech is a great entry level device for those seeking to lead healthier lives.

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