SINGAPORE, JUNE 15, 2015 — LG Electronics (LG) announced today that the anticipated Android 5.0 Lollipop OS upgrade for both the LG G Pro 2 and G3 Beat smartphones have arrived.

Users of the respective models can expect the updated user interface to be more fluid and intuitive. The interface is also capable of vivid new colors, typography and edge-to-edge imagery.

G Pro 2 Lollipop update

With the upgrade, users will also discover new ways to control when and how they receive messages. They can read and respond to messages from their lock screens. There is even an added feature to hide sensitive content. The Priority mode is a nifty one, allowing users to get alerts only when selected contacts send messages. Recurring downtime can be scheduled with the Priority mode as well.

LG G Pro 2 and G3 Beat users will now enjoy a disruption-free experience. Incoming phone calls will not interrupt the current activity, be it watching a movie or playing a game. Notifications will be ranked based on who the caller or sender is. All the notifications can be accessed by tapping on the top of the screen.

Improved Security, Connectivity, Battery Life and Performance

The Lollipop upgrade will also boost the smartphone’s functions. All applications will be SELinux enforced, and will have better protection against vulnerabilities and malware. The Android Smart Lock now allows the LG G Pro 2 and G3 Beat to be paired with another trusted device, and the phone can be secured.

G3 Beat Lollipop update

The Lollipop upgrade also promises a longer battery life. The battery saver feature will help to extend the use of LG G Pro 2 and G3 Beat smartphones by up to 90 minutes. When the phone is plugged in, users will get to see the estimated time left to fully charge the phone.

Buoyed by ART, a brand-new Android runtime, the LG G Pro 2 and G3 Beat will deliver more efficient application performance and responsiveness. Users can expect up to 4x performance improvements and a smoother user interface even for complex and visually rich applications.

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