Apple WWDC 2015 is coming, here’s what to expect

Well, it’s summertime (in the US at least), and it’s time for “change”. Technology enthusiasts all over the world – Apple fanboys or not – are looking forward to see what’s coming out of Apple in this year’s Worldwide Developer Conference. The annual conference serves primarily as a platform for Apple to announce its new software releases, both for consumers to drool over and for developers to adapt to. Here’s what we can expect to see from WWDC 2015 at Moscone West from June 8 to June 12.

As usual, iOS, Apple’s mobile operating system that runs on it’s iPhones and iPads would be updated – most probably numbered iOS 9. Features related to the the newest product on Apple’s lineup – the iWa… I mean the Apple Watch – are expected, especially given Apple’s renewed focus on making devices working together seamlessly. An update to Apple Maps pertaining to public transport directions is also foreseen. And maybe even force touch on Apple’s mobile devices. We may even see the debut of the long-awaited split-screen multitasking feature on iPad (and maybe even the iPhone 6 Plus) that is seen in most competing tablets. Many users are hoping that iOS 9 will bring better optimisation for current and older devices, as that was a problem faced by many last year.

OS X 10.11 (if Apple keeps its current numbering system) will also be announced next week, and it is expected to focus on bug fixes and optimisations, although a few big features like Siri, Control Center and a expanded Continuity may come our way. Given that last year’s Yosemite was a redesign, we would expect the next version to focus more on bug fixes, performance improvements and some new features (I don’t really need a new trash can).  Also, Apple has filed trademarks for a bunch of famous California landmarks like Mammoth, Big Sur, Tiburon, Monterey and Sonoma.

Apple is also rumoured to bring big changes to music, especially since it acquired Beats. A new music streaming service to compete with Spotify and Google Play Music All Access is expected. A new music streaming service is welcome, as long as I don’t have to sit through Bono’s singing (if you could call it that) again.

Who knows what we might get this year?
Who knows what we might get this year?
There’s bound to be this and a lot more coming out of The Big Fruit this week. But it will mostly be software unveiling, so if don’t queue up expecting to get a new iPhone or an instant update to iOS 9 – those usually come together around September (or as Apple puts it, “This Fall”).

If you’re excited for this year’s WWDC, you will have to stay up to watch this at 1 AM SGT on the 9th of June (10 AM PDT, 8th of June). It’s okay for me, because  sleep isn’t really my thing, and I’m really excited to see what will be heading to my new Macbook Pro.

If you really need that precious sleep, fret not – we’ll update you of the announcements once it’s over.

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